hi cuties! so i just got 900 followers (thank you to everyone who helped me out), and i’m in a holiday mood. since i’d never actually done a follow forever, i thought now was a perfect time to post one. i follow around 800 people, and i had no idea how to choose who to put in a ff, so i basically just curated a list of awesome aesthetic blogs and blogs i’ve been following since (practically) day one. enjoy!

(i obviously love all these blogs, but i bolded my super favs)

some cool friend people (hover):  rachel laura giovanna michelle tessa

people i know irl: saaj kaylie vega quianna cesiah jasmine michelle


220px ☆ 60s ☆ achillles ☆ aesthesos ☆ ahmelia ☆ alveus  ☆ aphrodithe ☆ aphrohite ☆ aristolte ☆ arkenstcne ☆ armyofghosts ☆ asheathes ☆ avcnger ☆ azkabcn ☆ baasilisk ☆ badwolfery ☆ becember ☆ bensnose ☆


castiol ☆ catelvn ☆ cavaleir ☆ cercsi ☆ chalypsos ☆ charlesmmacaulay ☆ chopins ☆ clahra ☆ cleamour ☆ codepcndent ☆ coolestghost ☆ cyberwho ☆ dchaans ☆ demeiter ☆ diccaprio ☆ dierwolf ☆ dioynsus ☆ doctorsafraid ☆ dtectivs ☆ eowyns ☆ expellairmus ☆


facinaoris ☆ fallenbowtie ☆ fassyy ☆ femininus ☆ galactae ☆ galilfrey ☆ haestia ☆ hazlegrace ☆ hclios hephaetsus ☆ histcry hxctor ☆ 


icarusflying ☆ icterids ☆ incpetion infinitiy ☆ intcrstellar ☆ jabberjais ☆ jinglegranger ☆ knargles kratcs ☆ 


ladysife ☆ lantems ☆ lehnsheur ☆ levicrpus ☆ lhecters ☆ lucrezas ☆ magnetio ☆ maraudirs ☆ marieantointe ☆ meduesa  mercuitio metaphorwaters ☆ monetts ☆ mozrts  mvths mythaelogy ☆ narcissablck ☆ newrcmantic ☆ niahaus ☆ noctrne ☆ 


oephelia ☆ ofalaskayoung ☆ olympius ophelies ☆ oswaldery ☆ oswim ☆ oxfordlings ozwilde ☆ patroclusz ☆ pctronus ☆ penthesilia ☆ peresphone ☆ pontmersy ☆ quiccksilvrs ☆ quiddittch ☆ robotsofsherwood ☆ rxvenclaw ☆ 


safecosima sclys ☆ shakespaere shakespaers ☆ silhuoette sirccn ☆ sittything ☆ skvwalker ☆ sociohpaths ☆ stilezs ☆ stormaqeddon swifd ☆ sxnsastark ☆ sylviaplvth ☆ tenbluebox ☆ teumesian ☆ thedocteur ☆ thedoctordances ☆ thepawneesun ☆ thrandiul ☆ trenzalores  tronadas untail ☆ vanegogh ☆ voldemortsblog ☆ voldenope ☆ vortcx ☆ 


warhcl wlntersfell ☆ wolevrine ☆ wolfxstar ☆ xaviher ☆ yellowneptune ☆ yvletide zcdiac ☆ 

we know this is late, but thank you to all who entered, and here are the results!

B E S T   U R L

winner: jencolman
runner up: rorywillicms

B E S T   I C O N

winner: clarasnogbox
runner up: txnthdoctor

B E S T   T H E M E

winner: doctormuggle
runner up: vestwood

H A N N A H ’ S    F A V O R I T E


R A C H E L ’ S    F A V O R I T E


Again, thank you to everyone who entered, and a reminder of what you won here

eclipsc asked:

johnlock; are you flirting with me omg

i am so sorry that this is late but i had some peronal crap going on but here uwu


If it were anyone else that walked into Sherlock that day they would have been dead for making him drop his mobile (he’d just bought it that week for gods sake).

But luckily it wasn’t anyone else.

It was John.

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eclipsc asked:

Andrew Scott c:

Where do I even begin?

Andrew Scott is basically a gift to the world. He is phenomenally talented, an absolute sweetheart to his fans and just a genuinely nice person. Watch or read any interview from him, you will never hear him say anything shitty at all. And some of the advice he’s given to young LGBT people, and just young people in general, is simply inspiring.

Honestly, there are so many other things I could say about him, but I’ll stop there, because I think you probably get how much I love him. Andrew just inspires me all the time to be a better person ^-^

Ask me a celebrity name and i’ll tell you my opinion