badu realness

Erykah Badu

This is how I look without makeup

And with no bra my ninny’s sag down low

My hair ain’t never hung down to my shoulders

And it might not grow

You never know

But I’m clever when I bust a rhyme

I’m cleva always on ya mind

She’s cleva and I really wanna grow

But why come you’re the last to know?

Erykah Badu Remixes Kanye West’s “Real Friends”

So maybe But You Cain’t Use My Phone wasn’t just a brief resurface for Erykah Badu. Uploaded with the message, “from a forth coming mixtape, THIS $h!t TOO EASY, ” Badu gives a remix to Kanye West’s most recent G.O.O.D. Friday release, “Real Friends.” Unlike when she “remixed” Drake’s “Hotline Bling,” this new song is a genuine remix. She stayed true the general message of Kanye’s original, stating some people “we wish we never knew at all.” It looks like Badu isn’t stopping with after her mixtape released in November. Will her next tape revolve around “Real Friends” like But You Cain’t Use My Phone did “Hotline Bling”? Stay tuned, and listen to the remix, which Badu called “Trill Friends,” below.

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