The Canadian dollar is getting crushed * * *
Crude-oil prices resumed their slump Tuesday—and they’re dragging the currencies of oil exporters down with them. And while the currencies of all major exporters have been hurt by oil’s punishing drop, over the past month, the #Canadiandollar has distinguished itself as one of the worst performers. Get the full scoop on this story and access hundreds more business news. Download #Born2Invest app via GooglePlay #business #money #badtrends

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Fashion no-no

Pajamas after 11:59 am. Excuse me, but what the hell are people thinking walking outside in public like that. It’s repulsive! As a mother, when i see another mother at the playground wearing pj’s. I immediately want to start yelling, “Bitch! Are you serious, it’s called a PLAY-ground. Did you come here to sleep? I don’t think so.” Wearing pajamas after the morning has passed sends a bad message. It makes you look cheap and sick. And if you are actually sick then you shouldn’t be in public anyways. Like there really is no excuse for this horrid “pajama trend” I HATE IT! At least put on some fucking yoga pants. I won’t judge you as much if it looks like you we’re coming from the gym. GAHHH, please just don’t do it. A betch would never!

Blog update: Questionable trends of 2014…
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