She is literally the best horse I have ridden.. She has been a challenge but It made me stronger.. I don’t want to hear people talk crap about how she was handed to me I don’t have to do anything.. Uhh she was NOT handed to me.! She was a complete brat at times and so rude to me… I would go out there and dread riding but I was pushed and I’m glad I was because she’s a amazing horse!! It take practice. I feel like we have a bond and we love each other!! Sunshine you the best!!!

i've wore glasses since i was 3

well except for the last 5 year, everytime i have gone to the opticians they said how bad my eye sight is and sent me on my way with a nice new pair. For the past 4 days my eye sights been nothing but blurry and right now i have the zoom on my laptop screen to 150%.

I’m going to hate it, but i think its safe to say i need to get a new pair and wear them everyday without fail.