Hey guys.

I tried being nice before, as have many others, and it did not work, so let’s try this again with a different approach.

So usually, I keep all my activism on my main blog, and everything to do with feminism there too, but with what happened in Charlottesville, the fact that there’s at least one Anon going around in the fandom saying some nasty things about Sean, and the fact that there’s also some nasty things being said in the fandom tags about queer characters (I won’t name names), I think this needs to be said.

Racism = Bad

If you are racist you are awful and I do not support you and I want you out of this fandom right now. With everything that’s happening in the world we will no longer coddle you or make exceptions to protect your feelings because at this point in history, we are a repeat of the era before Nazi Germany and I will not be silent and allow you to think your rhetoric will go unchallenged. Get. Out. Of. Our. Fandom.


Homophobia = Bad

Same as above, different verse. Get out of our fandom.

This is the time, people, where we have to start holding others responsible for their rhetoric and actions. I will not allow the best thing in my life, this fandom and the media it came from, to be corrupted by the racist/homophobi/Neo-Nazis of the world.

I won’t.

Get out of our fandom. No exceptions. And for those of you who might think I am being too harsh, or too extreme, I want you to look at pictures of the people who died in Charlottesville and remember that those people died because Neo-Nazis WEREN’T silenced. I will not allow them to poison the fandom any longer.

Thank you for your time, and have a Nazi Free Day.

Light Stalking


Jon, 5:46 AM: she’s back

Jon, 5:46 AM: i mean, it’s only been two days that she missed but still

Jon, 5:46 AM: maybe i should wave

Jon, 5:46 AM: no, that’s stupid

Sam, 5:46 AM: do you know what time it is? some of us don’t have to get up before the sun to run with our dogs

Jon, 5:47 AM: did i not tell you i got moved to a later shift? bc i have that night class now, Mormont said i could stop working so early

Sam, 5:47 AM: if you got moved to a later shift then why are you still going to the park before 6 am?

Sam, 5:47 AM: wait

Sam, 5:47 AM: seven hells

Sam, 5:47 AM: you pathetic git

Jon, 5:47 AM: if i don’t come this early, i won’t see her


Sam, 5:48 AM: Gilly says “grow a pair and talk to her or leave the poor girl alone before you scare her”

Jon, 5:48 AM: i’m not stalking her! i just like seeing her. i’m not scaring her

Sam, 5:49 AM: a big, well-muscled, dark, male stranger with a dog the size of a wolf staring at her is going to scare her sooner or later. even if she doesn’t find you intimidating, she probably WILL find Ghost intimidating

Jon, 5:50 AM: you think i’m well muscled, do you

Sam, 5:50 AM: stop avoiding the point

Jon, 5:50 AM: her dog’s as big as Ghost, she’s not going to find him scary

Jon, 5:50 AM: in fact, Lady is the one that growled at Ghost a couple of days ago for getting too close

Jon, 5:50 AM: so if anything, i should be scared of Lady

Sam, 5:51 AM: so you have talked to her before

Jon, 5:51 AM: no, why?

Sam, 5:51 AM: then how do you know her dog’s name is Lady?

Jon, 5:52 AM: i overheard her calling for her when Lady jumped in the stream about two miles in on the trail

Sam, 5:52 AM: …

Sam, 5:52 AM: so you follow her on her run with her dog now, too

Sam, 5:52 AM: JON

Sam, 5:52 AM: AGAIN


Jon, 5:54 AM: you are being dramatic

Sam, 5:54 AM: no, i am not. you’ve been ass over tit for this girl for weeks now, but you’ve never said a word to her

Sam, 5:54 AM: given how much you talk about her (which is all the time), i can only imagine how much you STARE at her while you are FOLLOWING her along the trails close enough to LISTEN to her every word

Sam, 5:54 AM: she’s a woman alone on a hiking path with a big man and his big dog following her for weeks and NEVER SAYING A WORD

Jon, 5:59 AM: when you put it that way, it does sound bad

Sam, 6:00 AM: it is BAD so talk to her and fix it

Jon, 6:04 AM: gods

Jon, 6:04 AM:  i’ve been stalking her

Jon, 6:04 AM: i didn’t mean to. i just…

Jon, 6:04 AM: seeing her smile in the morning made the rest of my day brighter. i just liked starting my day with her smile

Sam, 6:05 AM: then talk to her! tell her that!

Sam, 6:05 AM:  gilly says that was right romantic

Jon 6:06 AM: i can’t talk to her

Jon, 6:06 AM: that would probably make her so uncomfortable at this point

Jon, 6:06 AM: bc i have apparently been stalking her like a creepy idiot

Sam, 6:06 AM: what no

Sam, 6:06 AM: tell her what you just told me, it’ll be fine

Jon, 6:07 AM: i already left the park

Jon, 6:07 AM: i’m not going back

Sam, 6:08 AM: GO BACK

Sam, 6:08 AM: you like this girl. i haven’t seen you this gone since ygritte and YOU HAVEN’T EVEN TALKED TO HER YET

Sam, 6:08 AM: don’t throw this away, it’s worth giving it a shot

Jon, 6:09 AM: i’m not going to be that guy that follows her around and then forces her to talk to me

Jon, 6:09 AM: i didn’t even realize how i was acting or how it must have looked to her

Jon, 6:09 AM: i’m not that guy. i won’t be that guy

Sam, 6:10 AM: you are not that guy. you said you kept coming back for her smiles. if she was smiling, then she can’t have found you scary

Sam, 6:10 AM: you’re not a guy like Theon who wouldn’t notice when a girl was scared, Jon

Jon, 6:11 AM: leave it, Sam. it’s done

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Take Me With You

A/N: This story is for Bloodysideofhell’s writing challenge.  I didn’t get to write yesterday, so I am combining the first and second prompts.  Pride- “It’s a hobby of mine to prove you wrong.” Lust- “I want you to taste how wet you make me. Texts are in italics.

Characters: Sam and Reader

Warnings: Smut

Sam: Still mad at me?

Y/N: Maybe

Sam: I know you wanted to come, but your in no shape to hunt.

Y/N: My ankle is FINE

Sam: I’m just trying to keep you safe.  Stop being so stubborn!!

Y/N: Whatever

Sam: Get some rest. Back in a few days.


Sam: Love you too :)

You threw your phone across the bed in frustration.  Sam could be so unreasonable sometimes! It was only a stupid twisted ankle. You had hunted with far worse injuries than this.  Ever since the two of you had started dating, he had become so overprotective.  Sam and Dean had only left this morning, and you were bored already.  The bunker was way too quiet.

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so @yogshameblog​ and i started off talking about sad honeyphos, and ended up talking about sad everyone and strife / rythian getting tortured and yoglabs. enjoy :3c

warnings for medical torture, trauma aftermath, permanent injury / disability, severe angst, abusive friendships / relationships, blood magic, and mental health issues.

sparx: thinkin abt sad yogs stuff to distract myself

Sam: Nice

Sam: Talk sad Yogs to me

sparx: have u heard any 21 pilots

Sam: N o? Maybe?

sparx: because. they have a song called “stressed out” and. part of the lyrics are:

sparx: used to play pretend,
give each other different names.
we would build a rocket ship and then we’d fly it far away.
used to dream of outer space,
but now they’re laughing in our face,
saying, “wake up, you need to make money”

sparx: like. pls consider. xephos and honeydew

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