With the “Wanted” event coming up I’m going to talk about something that’s been bugging me about su that I don’t see many other people talking about and the reason I am preemptively pissed off about the whole thing: Backgrounds

When su started the backgrounds where always really nicely done and a huge part of why i loved the show as it really didn’t look like a ton of other shows out there. Even with other shows that had more detailed backgrounds like gravity falls (especially towards the end) I always felt that su’s had the most stylistic cohesion which I admit is a personal bias but what the hell.

Backgrounds were creative, very nice looking and fit with the character designs very well and they still look really pretty.

I mean look at these! they’re so nice and sparkly and detailed! there was effort and style and substance and it looks great.

Back when homeworld had just been introduced i saw a lot of fan concepts about what it would look like and i was super pumped to see it since it would be an entirely new and creative environment that a talented group of artists would be creating and visualizing. Now we’re actually going (technically for the second time) and what do we get?

literally just colors in geometric shapes for character to float around in.

even in the more detailed shots they still don’t try that hard

they’re still messy and not quite as detailed.

su has been suffering from backgroung-sucking-itis for a while now and in my humble opinion watching this happen over the seasons it’s been a downward slope of less effort being put in and a reliance on the soft lined gradient style of the backgrounds.

not only have the backgrounds become less detailed but now the characters don’t even blend in with the backgrounds and just kind of.. float

the sharp thick lines and bright colors of the characters and the soft thin-lined pastel backgrounds don’t… really,, blend anymore and no one has shadows and where both the characters and bg are steadily looking worse its just.. sad at this point.

i started this post planning to rant and honestly? im just sad and disappointed and the backgrounds aren’t shiny and sparkly and nice anymore and all the characters look really ugly and homeworld looks like some random abstract screensavers and im.. tired.

I gave a new game a try. When I arrived they were in a little hamlet. Suddenly they were hiding from an angry mob of townspeople, and all the players were completely confused about this, arguing about it’s fairness with the DM. After about half an hour of this fighting, and two players threatening to quit over it, the truth of the story came out. The players had been busy, and had also picked up a very bad habit from their “charming rogue”. If they saw something they wanted, they’d kill the NPC owning it, take the thing, and then just leave and never think about it again. They would ignore plot-related warnings about the town discovering the murders. They wouldn’t cover up their tracks, they’d just kind of walk out in broad daylight from some shop they visited, leaving the corpse of the shopkeep in a pool of blood behind them.

The concept that this would catch up with them, or that the other NPCs would notice in any way never occurred to them. They even argued various video games where the other NPCs WOULDN’T have noticed, and they could’ve pillaged as they liked. The ruling came down, the DM was firm on this - if you’re gonna be villains, you’re gonna be treated like villains. The players were still grumbling about it when it came time for ACTUAL play.

“Arella, sorry about that, what is Prianna going to do?”

“Take one look at these blood-stained jerks, yell “THEY’RE OVER HERE” to the townspeople, and walk away.”

And that is how I bailed on what would’ve been a disastrous party to play with.

Doodle of the cute dorks…
Hmm, i’m wondering about what they are whispering in eachother’s ears…
Ps: Astrid playing with Hiccup’s hair is the cutest thing ever amirite?