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who falls asleep on the couch : both of them, mostly because Midousuji likes to wrap himself around Onoda since hes so much bigger so if Onoda falls asleep Midou can’t get up and if Midou falls asleep Onoda can’t get up because he is trapped by lizard limbs.

who wakes up first : Onoda !!! 

who cooks the most : Onoda cause every time Midousuji tries he burns himself. He’s actually a good cook, but Onoda just doesn’t like him hurting himself,

who’s in charge of the tv remote : both of them because they mostly just sit around watching anime or animal planet

who takes the longest getting ready : Midousuji because he spends like ten minutes brushing his teeth

who takes up most of the bed : Midousuji because some nights he’ll sleep all sprawled out but sometimes he curls around Onoda
if/what pets they have : they have a lizard that Onoda bought because it reminded him of Midou owo

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(I fucking love this ship)

Who kills the bugs? Totally Manami. Onoda shrieks and Manami (being the angel that he is) kills it. Onoda rewards him with a cute kiss to the cheek.
Who hogs the sheets? Again this is totally Manami. Onoda gets all frustrated and eventually gives up and goes into another room.

Who hates mornings? I feel like Onoda would. Manami is to happy when he wakes up and Onoda throws a pillow, immediately apologizing for it.
Who’s cranky before they had their coffee? They don’t really seem like coffee drinkers to me. But if they were it would be Onoda considering he hates mornings.
Who doesn’t like their mother in law? Manami. No question.
Who drives? If they do have to drive it’s Onoda but they bike to most places.
Who gets horny in awkward public places? I can totally see Onoda getting so blushy and turned on randomly and Manami knows he is so he casually teases him until they get home.
Who had a scene phase? Pffff Manami.
Who wore braces? Onoda. Someone please draw Onoda in braces.
Who got bullied? Probably Onoda… It’s sad to think about but it’s probably true…
Who collects ceramic elephants? Manami would do something dorky like this. I just know it.

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Also would it be odd to ask where your inspiration for the bendy maze people came from? I'm an art student too and they are so inspiring and have actually really positively impacted my work since I first saw them over the summer.

They kind of evolved from a dance animation I worked on. I was trying to come up with a visual to correspond to turntable/remixing, and I ended up with these abstracted results. And I liked them so much that I just kept drawing them. There’s a lot of play involved with those drawings, and I think that’s the biggest reason why I continue coming back to the “bendy maze people” (I don’t have a name for them, haha). So it’s all music and play, really! 

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My Answers: 

1. The longest word I can think of: floccinaucinihilipilification
2. Favourite food: tea is a food and my favourite food is tea
3. Super power: the ability to alter the timeline of individual objects and people because really how cool would that be (there are specific rules i’ve created for this super power but they’re hella long nty)
4. Favourite sports team: uhhhHHHHHHHH blackhawks i guess????
5. Most ridiculous purchase: once i bought so many thumbtacks, more than anyone needs in their lifetime i still have hundreds wHY
6. Favourite season: fall is radical man all those leaves yeeeeah
7. Kinds of music: yooo this could be long but i started out in symphonic metal which i still love, and i’m getting into lots of contemporary indie and such now. classic rock and classical music are great too (i just like everything ugh i should have just said everything)
8. Instruments/Languages: I play piano and a little guitar. I speak english, spanish and elvish, and a little each of italian, japanese, french and korean. 
9. Bring a character back to life: oh god oh god literally so many choices whyyyyyyy  - right now probably moriarty bc HOW IS HE DEAD 
10. Time travel - future or past: the past bc i’d like to slap myself in the face preemptively about a ton of stuff that i could have avoided


1. favorite OTP gogogogo
2. favorite animu or mango
3. favorite movie
4. best idea ever???
5. artist you really like right now
6. a super happy moment you just like remembering!!!
7. ultra radical skill u got
8. things you study in school rn
9. best way to prepare potatoes 
10. will raptor jesus ever come again