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My Answers: 

1. The longest word I can think of: floccinaucinihilipilification
2. Favourite food: tea is a food and my favourite food is tea
3. Super power: the ability to alter the timeline of individual objects and people because really how cool would that be (there are specific rules i’ve created for this super power but they’re hella long nty)
4. Favourite sports team: uhhhHHHHHHHH blackhawks i guess????
5. Most ridiculous purchase: once i bought so many thumbtacks, more than anyone needs in their lifetime i still have hundreds wHY
6. Favourite season: fall is radical man all those leaves yeeeeah
7. Kinds of music: yooo this could be long but i started out in symphonic metal which i still love, and i’m getting into lots of contemporary indie and such now. classic rock and classical music are great too (i just like everything ugh i should have just said everything)
8. Instruments/Languages: I play piano and a little guitar. I speak english, spanish and elvish, and a little each of italian, japanese, french and korean. 
9. Bring a character back to life: oh god oh god literally so many choices whyyyyyyy  - right now probably moriarty bc HOW IS HE DEAD 
10. Time travel - future or past: the past bc i’d like to slap myself in the face preemptively about a ton of stuff that i could have avoided


1. favorite OTP gogogogo
2. favorite animu or mango
3. favorite movie
4. best idea ever???
5. artist you really like right now
6. a super happy moment you just like remembering!!!
7. ultra radical skill u got
8. things you study in school rn
9. best way to prepare potatoes 
10. will raptor jesus ever come again