(Italics are smut)

Jack Maynard

Shape of You (Part One) | (Part Two) | (Outtake)- Jack and Y/N have known each other forever and have been told that they belong together for almost as long. One night at a club with a too-handsy meathead changes everything.

Animal (NSFW) - Loosely based on the song Animal by Conor Maynard

You Are In Love - A little moment between you and Jack on a lazy sunday morning

Still Breathing - You’ve kept Jack at arms reach for as long as he can remember, one early morning moment changes that forever.\

Joe Sugg

Magical - Prompt #19 “I trusted you!”

You’re You - Joe does a little something to reassure you after some less than kind comments are made about you by his viewers

Conor Maynard

Under the Weather - You come home from a long day at work to find a sooky, whiny boyfriend on your couch, but maybe it’s not all bad

Oli White

Caspar Lee

Triangle Since the day that you’d been born, you’d had this stupid triangle mark on your ankle. It wasn’t like it was uncommon though, everyone was born with a mark on their body that matched the one that their soulmate had on theirs. Why did yours have to be so plain though?

Josh Pieters

Mikey Pearce

Stop and Stare - You’ve been friends with the Maynard’s forever, but one of their best mates makes a flustered and adorable impression that leaves you weak at the knees.