Talk shit again

(A/N): Awww, Timid and shy Bucky gives me so much life

Request: Hi! May I request one where the reader is an Avenger and, while training, hears one of the new potential recruits badmothing Bucky, so she kicks his butt majorly going from calm to scary in a second. James is a cinnamon roll who should be protected!

Warnings: some swearing, poor Bucky

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   Bucky had always been a bit more shy and timid since coming out of Cyrofreeze, which was understandable given everything he’d gone through. But with that timid and shyness came a level of pushover to be honest. Bucky was too shy and a tad too broken to take control of his life just yet, thus leaving everyone else to boss him around and make demands of him. The poor guy was a walking doormat and no matter how much you tried to help it never seemed to work. You knew this shy Bucky was going to end poorly, he was too nice, too quiet, too timid for his own good, and you just knew it was going to get him in trouble.  

   Bucky was the only person who trusted you, which is most likely why he spent ever given moment by your side. The two of you trained together, ate together, slept together, you were the closest two human beings could be and that’s why you were so apprehensive about letting Bucky train today without you by his side. Fury had instructed him to help train the new recruits, claiming it would help him with his rusty social skills but you knew Bucky better than that and having to socialize with some unknown kids was not going to help him. 

   “Bucky I can train them for you-” 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky stated as he gently cupped each of your cheeks in his hands, staring at you with softly shining blue eyes. “It’s gonna be fine, it’s just a few kids, nothing I can’t handle,” You sigh as Bucky leans forward, pressing his lips against your forehead in a semi comforting kiss. 

   “They’re not kids,” You grumble as you glare at the ground, “They’re worse than that,” 

   “Oh come on,” Bucky smiled at you, his smile lighting up the room, making it a thousand times brighter, “Teenagers can’t be that bad, at least not as bad as Stevie was,” To this you chuckle, your spirits only slightly higher. 

   “Well,” You sigh, already eyeing the new recruits entering the room. “Guess we’ll have to wait and see,”  

   You lingered around the gym the entire training, and you were glad that you did. There was no way in hell you were going to let poor shy Bucky try to train these kids alone, not with how disrespectful some of the recruits had proven to be. So instead of leaving him to his work as Fury had so directed you had lingered behind, walking around the gym as you carefully listened to what Bucky and the recruits were saying. 

   It had been going rather well, the recruits seemed fine, Bucky was doing an excellent job at teaching but it went way down hill when one of the recruits decided to get smart with Bucky. 

   “You’re an Avenger right?” He asked, folding his arms over his chest as he surveyed Bucky. Bucky eyed him suspiciously before nodding, muttering a ‘yeah’ as he does so. “Don’t they do background checks on you guys?” To this Bucky shook his head, his expression that of the utmost confusion. “That’s a shame, considering how many people you’ve killed, how many lives you’ve destroyed,” At this Bucky’s face falls, a look of pure and unadulterated sadness and depression taking over. 

   You could see all the hard work the two of you had accomplished slowly dwindling down the drain at this trainees words and you were having none of that. With an almost animalistic growl you stomp up to the trainees, grabbing the smart ass one by the back of his suit and dragging him away from the now quivering Bucky. 

   “What the fuck did you say to him?” You growl into his ear, dark and intimidating. The man claws at your grip, demanding you let go of him but your grip remained stead fast upon him. “I asked you a goddamn question,” You growl once again, shaking the boy lightly. “What the fuck did you say to him?”

   “N-nothing! I said nothing!” 

   “Are you sure about that?” 

   “Y-Yes! I promise!” 

   “(Y/N),” Bucky whispers, not knowing what to do about the scene unfolding before him. “Stop,” 

   “Bucky, this little asshole,” 

   “Please?” He asks timidly, knowing that you can’t resist his sweet pleading tone and damn near heart melting puppy dog eyes. With a sigh you hang your head, already knowing that Bucky was going to win this little fight. You give him a look before turning back to the trainee, gripping him a bit tighter as you growl out one more thing. 

   “If I ever hear you talking like that to Bucky again I will personally rip off your dick and shove it down your throat do you understand me?” The trainee nods, whimpering as you harshly shove him forward, leaving his knees to buckle as he nearly fell over. “Training’s over for now you ass, get out of here,” You shoo him away with a threatening glare before turning back to Bucky who was still quivering on the spot as though he were freezing in the more than hot room.

    “Buck, I’m so sorry-” You’re cut off when Bucky surges forward, wrapping his arms around your waist in a tight, nearly breath taking hug. His scruffy faces finds its home in your neck and you can’t help but hug him back, keeping him as close to your body as you physically could. “Don’t listen to that kid, he’s just that, a stupid kid,” Bucky whimpers softly and it damn near breaks your heart to have to hear him sound so broken. “He doesn’t know what he’s talking about, okay?” 

    “He was right,” Bucky whimpers, “He was completely right, I’ve murdered so many people, messed up so many lives,” 

    “Bucky, it wasn’t your fault-” 

    “It was my hands (Y/N), it was my body, my weapon-” 

    “It was your orders, it wasn’t you,” You sigh softly, pulling back just enough to cup Bucky’s cheeks in your hands, just as he had done only a few hours prior. “Bucky, we acknowledge that what happened during those 70 years was horrible but no matter how hard you try to convince us we aren’t going to believe that it was you, okay?” Bucky sighs softly, attempting to hang his head but your hands stopped him from doing so. “Please don’t let that little dickhead ruin all your hard work,” You whisper, gently running a thumb along his cheekbones, smiling softly when Bucky cracked a faint smile of his own. 

    “I will admit seeing you get all angry is rather sexy,” You chuckle softly, leaning forward to press a gentle kiss to his lips before pulling away, much to Bucky’s dismay. 

   “That’s the Bucky I know,” You smile as Bucky’s smile grows a bit, little laugh lines starting to become apparent once again. 

   “You do realize that Fury’s gonna kick your ass when he finds out what you said,” You only continue to smile, almost nodding proudly to yourself. 

   “Well, what is he gonna do about it?” You ask, “Try to get me to stop sitting in on training sessions with you?” 

   “He might,” 

    “Then he might lose another eye,” 


Someone should take this womans child away.