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   I do everything in my power to avoid watching my kids’ shows (#badmom) But there are certain theme songs…omg…hearing the Caillou theme, and now my daughter is a tween and watches this “camp kikiwaka” ?? show and I hear that phrase and run screaming! 😂😂

Oh lord, I haven’t heard of camp kikiwaka, but I already hate it.  LOL!  And I *HATE* Caillou with a passion.  That kid is so whiny.  We had to ban it in our house because my daughter started doing his whiny baby talk out of habit.  My 11 y/o son is super into Dan TDM on you tube, and I just about want to run my own head through the tv just to make Dan stop rambling on and on and on in his hyperactive perma-shout…

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   lol I’m so sorry. I feel your pain truly. Thankfully my kids are not into that anymore but they are into the Trolls movie and only want to hear songs from that damn movie all day long forever *screams*

Why are kids shows and movies so horrible??  WHY??  *cries*


Guess who found an m&m -_- #badmom

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Heh. Heh. There was no kitty.

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My mother

So I am adopted (sorry if you can’t handle my bluntness) by my aunt and uncle mostly because my mom is a drug addict and decided to give up her rights to me. A couple of months ago I was outside bare foot and my “step” mom (I did that so people will understand but this woman is my real mom to me she raised me fed me and loved me unconditionally) told me to go put shoes on and I started to hug her and I was like no (playfully) and I started laughing and my biological mother stepped in and was like you need to listen to her yadda yadda yadda…she started yelling at me like I was 5 and my “step” mom was like she is just playing around and then she told me just to go inside and get my shoes and MY biological mother was like no listen bitch don’t interrupt me when I’m trying to discipline my kids and I swear I thought my “step” mom was going to lose her shit because my real mom has never cared for me or anything and she used to abandon me and shit and then she just wants to step in like she’s boss… My “step” mom was like hell no bitch when have you ever been there for her …she stood up for me and there has been a lot of times she has done this but not to my biological mother and that’s how I know how much she cares for me and how much she protects me ….point blank I love my step mom to the moon and back without this woman I would be nothing …without her I would be no where I honestly would probably be dead …she knows me better than anyone and I appreciate her so much …she is my hero because who hears about a woman adopting a child that is her husbands niece and just started raising her like she is her own and loving her to death I’m just saying I have to thank whoever because I was so lucky and I’m grateful for that