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Do you like d/b/z? I was watching one of the most recent movies and it hit me how much Bu/lma and Veg/eta remind me of stanzo, and Tar/ble (Vege/ta's little brother) and his small alien wife remind me of gen/ji and zen, idk if I sent this twice sorry if I did

yeah I can see it 00


“Vegeta is getting beat down! This is worse than when he got his ass handed to him by Frieza!”

That guy who shows up to fight Kakarot Genji all the time and ends up sticking around until one day he ends up wearing pink Badman shirts and is officially adopted into the Overwatch family and no one’s entirely sure how it happened but everyone loves that it did.

Aka my friend and I joked about Hanzo-Vegeta stuff and I just had to draw this because I love both Hanzo and Vegeta

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More ?'s on veggy one does Vegeta like pink or does he have a thing for pink or is it just funny to see him in pink

“Men in pink how bizarre!”

Bizarre, pshhh bizarre my ass, this Vegetable loves his pink.

Despite the complaining, if he really disliked it that much he could have simply taken off the pink shirt and worn the white undershirt… 

There was blue apron available and yet he chose the pink one hmmmmmm

And he looks damn good in it xD