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why does the duck name is Fletcher? :|

Fletcher the Duck.
How do I even begin to explain Fletcher the Duck?

Magnus: Fletcher the duck is flawless.

Sophie: I hear his feathers are insured for ten thousand pounds.

Henry: I hear he does bread commercials… in Whales. 

Six Fingered Nigel: His favourite Shadowhunter is Jem.

Tessa: One time he met William Herondale

Jem: And he ran away from him screaming.

Will: One time he ate my duck pie… it was awesome.

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Ship: Flill. (Will & Fletcher)

Oh my God. I died when I read this. This drabble is by Jesi’s ghost.

Will quickly brought a hand up to grab onto the rim of his top hat. The wind coming off the Thames was beating hard against his loose shirt and causing the ducks down on the rivers edge to quack alarmingly loud. They were probably plotting something, Will thought. Something horrid. 
Rising his other hand to pull his hat tighter on his head, Will began to tap his foot on the pavement. How long would he have to wait here? It wasn’t as if he didn’t have other things to do today - like buy yin fey for his beloved parabatai, Jem. 
Then, he heard it. That distinct quacking noise that was unlike all others. The sound he would always recognise; even when he was on his deathbed.
“Fletcher?” he asked, turning around and letting his hands clasp together behind his back to stop the nervous shaking.
The quack sounded again and Will’s heart leaped. It was him!
Without further hesitation, the blue eyes Shadowhunter took off at a run towards the shape at the other end of the bridge. As he got closer his eyes focused more and he was able to recognise the grey feathers, the long slender neck, and that amazing beak… 
“Oh, Fletcher!”
He flung himself towards the duck, his arms open. Their forbidden relationship had taken its toll on both of them. Sleepless nights, angst-ridden evenings. They had decided to meet instead. In secret. Jem would never know.

How’s this?
Is this okay?
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