badly timed

and if yall thought that girl couldnt be worse she, with no prompting, brings up the upcoming marriage equality vote and asks us what were voting and I was like ‘yes, of course’ and she gets all tight lipped….tells us she’s voting no

and i don’t say a WORD and she launches into this ‘its just how i feel, i have my reasons and I cant explain them, its hard to explain, so i wont try, but I have my reasons and they’re good reasons’

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I read this theory that arya was playing the game of faces during her conversation with Sansa and she wasn't legit threatening to kill her, she was trying to psyche her out and I guess her giving her the blade was supposed to represent her giving Sansa a choice like "are you going to keep letting creepy adults (littlefinger) manipulate you or are you going to truly take back your own independence" idk if I believe that bc D&D can't write women lol but hopefully it's true bc arya's scaring me ://

frfrfrfrfr like so far brienne is the only one who’s told sansa outright “you should not be alone with littlefinger he’s a danger to you” and that’s gone badly every time so i really really hope that this is tru and arya is trying to be subtle by being scary :/ :/ :/

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have you ever had a crush on a straight girl? if so how did it end

i made her my whole life and let her treat me badly but time and distance has helped me get over her but we’ve never been as close which is probably good bc i dont know if it was closeness or obsession

also: happy women’s history month to every trans woman
you’re constantly erased from history and pushed out of women’s spaces but you belong there and you have always been important parts of history.
let’s not forget trans women this year.

when i was a child i used to think the church opposed homosexuality because judas betrayed jesus with a kiss and it went so badly that time


Mekke øl + mutually failing at talking to their crush because they’re nervous

reasons to read radio silence by alice oseman

  • a contemporary realistic ya novel set in england featuring characters who actually sound and act like contemporary english teenagers!!! yes this is so rare that it does deserve three exclamation marks
  • a really refreshing critique of the social and academic pressure put on young people to go to uni, even if they’re not suited to it
  • a beautiful friendship between a boy and a girl who have a typically tropey meet-cute and then DON’T FALL IN LOVE
  • you know that feeling you get when your heart flutters over an adorable fictional couple? i seriously have FRIENDSHIP BUTTERFLIES from reading this book
  • four of the main five characters are lgbtqiap - including a bisexual protagonist whose story doesn’t revolve around romance and a canonically demisexual character WHO USES THE WORD
  • eta: also three of the five mains are poc!
  • It’s all about friendship and fandom and figuring out who you want to be and doing what makes you happy :’)