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❝No matter how many times I’m broken, extinguished or fallen, I’ll lead the way

I do too

Word count: 1503

Kai tells you that he loves you but thinks you don’t feel the same

‘You’re crazy! You know I would never do something like that!’ You said and threw your head back a bit, laughing loudly as Kai wrapped his strong arms around you, keeping you warm and safe from the chilly December weather.

'You’re just too, what’s the word, uptight.’ Kai answered and laughed, waiting for your reaction. He was always teasing you and joking around and that’s why he was your favorite person and the only person you wouldn’t mind spending your time with every day.

'Uptight? I’m uptight?! Oh I’m sorry, mr. - I’m too busy to go talk to the girl who was a feet away from me -.’ You said it, imitating Kai, even though it came out pretty badly and it only made Kai laugh.

'Was that suppose to be me? If yes then I have to admit, you’re pretty bad at it.’ You looked at him wide eyed and hit him playfully on his arm, a smile never leaving your face.


'Oh you know you love me!’ Kai trailed off.

'Of course I do. You’re my idiot, who I love to tease a lot.’ You said. Your head was pressed against Kai’s chest and right at that moment, his heart started beating a little bit faster. You quickly shook your head of and ignored it, silence suddenly taking over the room. You were trying to find the words to blur them out and end the awkward silence, but your mind was suddenly empty. You shifted in your seat and pulled yourself up a little bit, Kai’s arm leaving your side.

'Do you know that everyone thinks that we’re going to fall in love and then end up together? It’s like they all know us better than we know ourselves.’ You blurted out and looked at Kai, but when you saw he was serious and didn’t even smile for a little bit, you felt like you said something wrong and that those words should’ve never come out of your mouth. His eyes suddenly left yours and he kept staring at the distance, completely getting lost in his thoughts.

'Kai? A-are you ok?’ You asked him, placing your soft hand on his shoulder, keeping it there for some ammount of time, until he got up, your hand falling down on the couch on the place he was sitting just a few seconds ago.

'I’m just, fine. Just really confused.’ He muttered and rubbed his forehead with his index finger and his thumb, leaning on the fireplace, the warmth of the fire warming up his bottom half. He sighed deeply multiple times, but still no words came out of his mouth. You pulled your blanket higher up to your chin while your eyes were focused on Kai’s back.

'Kai!’ You said it a bit louder, making Kai snap out of his thoughts and turn around, his eyes finally meeting yours again.

'What’s wrong? You changed your mood like at the snap of my fingers and now you’re just quiet. What happened? Did I say something wrong or?’

'You’re not gonna let this go, are you?’

'You know me too well and you know the answer to that is no. Talk to me.’ You motioned him to sit down next to you on the couch, but you saw that he hesitated at first. That never happened. Everytime he got a chance to be close to you, he took it, but not at that moment. It was like he was afraid to get closer, like something bad would happen if he sat down on that couch. Moments later, he walked towards the couch and hesitatingly sat next to you.

'I don’t know how to say this. I don’t even know if I should say this to you. It’s too hard and I don’t want to ruin everything.’ He said quietly.

'It’s me. You can tell me anything.’ You said and placed your warm hands on top of his, squeezing them a little bit, gesturing him that it was ok and that you were there for him, no matter the cause.

'Exactly. It’s you.’

'What does that mean?’ You looked at him befuddled, your eyebrows furrowed as you moved your hands from his and crossed your arms, his eyes staring at the single spot on the mahogany coffee table in front of the couch.

'It means that- ugh- why is this so hard?!’ He said, his voice a bit higher than before as he stood up and ran his fingers roughly through his hair in frustration. You followed him and stood up and placed your hand on his arm, making him turn around. You faced him, his blue eyes that were more blue at that moment than ever before.

'Tell me.’ You whispered ad placed your hands on his cheeks, your thumb gently caressing his cheek, your eyes never leaving his.

'I think I’m in love with you.’ He blurted out, watching your face expression go from confused and worried to something completely different. He was’t sure if it was sadness or nervousness.

'C-can you say that again?’ You stuttered and let your hands fall down from his cheeks, your heart suddenly beating faster.

'I know! I wasn’t sure what these feelings were but everytime I’m around you, I feel this sort of feeling in my stomach and my heart beats really fast, which is confusing to me and I just want to be with you 24/7, listen to you talk, your funny stories and I can’t stop thinking about you. You’re always on my mind and-’

'Kai, listen-’

'No, you listen. I love you and nothing can change that but I know you don’t feel the same and that’s fine. Even though it hurts because I can’t have you in my arms, I can still have you as my friend and I’m ok with that.’


'Sorry, I need some time alone.’ Kai said and took his coat, wrapping it around him and put a simple black scarf around his neck.

'Listen to me, Kai, I l-’

'See you tomorrow.’ He closed the doors behind him, cold breeze and a few snowflakes flying into the hallway, leaving you all alone in your house. You grunted in frustration and ran your fingers through your hair, Kai’s interruption driving you crazy because you didn’t have the chance to tell him you felt the same about him. He was perfect. Even though he had flaws and did some bad things, you loved him because he was being himself and you accepted him just the way he is.

You got dressed, put on some warm clothes, your big white scarf keeping you warm as you stepped out into the cold, snow covering your new boots as you started walking to the first place you thought Kai could’ve been. Footsteps that were being left behind you were quickly covered with big snowflakes. Your cheeks turned red, cold winter breeze and snow covering them, making your body shiver. You were walking for half an hour and there was still no sign of Kai and the weather was getting worse and it was getting darker, with only a few street lights shining down on the street, making the snow reflect a faint intermittent glow.

'C'mon Kai, where are you?’ You said under your breath and looked around one more time before you gave up and went back home, deciding that mybe it would be better if you tried again tomorrow.

You opened the front door and walked in, taking your coat and your boots off, both heavily covered in snow. You looked up at one moment and saw Kai standing right in front of a fireplace, his hands shoved down in his pockets.


'Hey’ he murmured softly as you approached him, both of you scared and nervous to make a move.

'Look, I wanted to s-’ you cut him off with your lips suddenly crashing with his, your fingers instantly intertwining in his hair, trying to pull him even closer even thoughnit wasn’t possible. He pulled away and pressed his forehead on yours, his breathing heavy.

'What was that for?’ Kai breathed out, his eyes closed.

'I love you Kai. Always have and always will.’

'But, I thought you were-’

'In love with someone else? Never. You were always the only one I wanted and I loved spending my time with you but all I could think of is how much I wanted to kiss your soft lips.’ You whispered and ran your thumb across his bottom lip. A smile splashed across Kai’s face, his hand gently placed on your cheek.

'You’re so beautiful.’ Kai whispered and kissed you again as his hands slowly found their way to your thighs as he lifted you up and placed you gently down on the couch, his body laying on top of you, supporting himself with his arms.

At the end, everything was just the way you wanted. You got the perfect Kai and after all you’ve been through, you were finally happy.