badly drawn bird

This Tumblr “tag yourself” meme is the strangest thing to me cause like… It’s lowkey been there all along. With the whole concept of someone posting something and someone relating to a thing in the content of the post, it doesn’t necessarily even have to be visual, and reblogging it and tagging “#i’m [x thing in aforementioned post]” i.e. “i’m the banana” } in a post about idk a girl looking like she’s gonna eat a banana all ~sexy~ and then biting it in half or something

But at the same time it’s a new, strange re-hashing of the circa 2008 meme that came from Facebook. Where pictures would go around and have twenty or so “labels” ranging from things like “Friend who wears too much black” to “Friend that still listens to the Beastie Boys” to “Friend who ate McDonalds last night” and you’d manually tag twenty people that ~fit~ into that insignificant description and each friend who saw it would be like “ah yes that IS me lol”

Now it’s as if there has been some weird mashup between the two; taking half a dozen arbitrary pictures of badly drawn birds from MS paint while matching it with some kind of weird and inhuman description such as “eats chapsticks and screams into the void” and somehow, on some level, it’s relatable. Somehow, in some way in the Godforsaken darkest deepest corners of your mind, you can relate to that MS paint drawing of a bird named aaa who eats chapsticks and screams into the void. Who knows how or why but it is and it’s there.

 I have been alive and on the internet long enough to see three seperate and different incarnations of one meme and it’s fascinating.


Hijack Week Day 2: “Then I won’t speak, just let me show you”

Late as always, anyway… Drag HTTYD world into Epic (dragons are now badly drawn humming birds!) And Jack who got shrunk by Bunnymund’s prank (trust me he deserves it; do not mess with him on the eve of Easter).

Hijack Week Day 3: “20 seconds of insane courage”

I think asking someone out and then progressing a relationship from there is indeed something large and wonderful, and it all begins with a simple question in such a short time. It’s amazing.

Day 4 - 6 here. If the comic is unclear, right click to open in a new tab or window. It’s clearer there- promise.