badly done sorry
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Chapter: 4/5

Word Count: 15k+

Summary: When a blacksmith’s daughter goes missing Vex and Trinket traverse through the Ivyheart Thicket to find her, and encounter something much more sinister lurking in the shadows.

Otherwise summarised: The twins discover love; Trinket gets fish and sore paws from all the running; Percy doesn’t think he’s a werewolf… exactly; Gilmore is happy to make tea while shit goes down; and Vex really needs to stop adopting every sad-eyed beast she comes across.


wow this was so badly done i am sorry


Icing Sugar Accident. I’m sorry I made it real quick and a long time after reading without checking out the real scene a second time. There’s a lot of passion in it though x)

So here, a poor tribute’s to Crollalanza’s really pleasing Cake or Break.

To Crollalanza : I always look forward to read you, thank you for this fic ! can’t wait to see the next chapters \o/ !

This was meant to be a submission for the NH month 29th prompt (my b-day) but I have something else in mind for that, not really. I saw my grandparents goofing around in the living room and dancing together and found it so cute. It’s almost Hinata’s birthday anyway, so might as well. First time drawing old folk; hopefully they look themselves.

Some Things Never Change