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Your stomach clenches as the car passes through the gates to the Sanctuary, past the walkers chained around the fences.

“Home at last,” Negan jokes. You stay silent, not wanting to air the fact that you now think of Alexandria as your home. This place… This ‘Sanctuary’ is a prison, your prison. And you know you’ll never be allowed to leave.

The car pulls up in front of the main entrance. Simon kills the engine and climbs out, leaving you and Negan alone in the car again.

“You okay?” he asks. You just nod, giving a quiet ‘yeah’. “Gee, don’t sound too excited to be back,” he laughs. “I’ll get your door, darlin’.” He climbs out of the car and walks around to your side. One thing you could never fault Negan for: his chivalry. Opening doors, pulling out your chair, maintaining a solid orgasm ratio of 3:1 – and yes, you kept track in the past.

You unbuckle your seat belt with a sigh just as Negan opens the door for you. He holds out his hand, and you place your small fingers in his gloved ones. He helps you out the car, keeping a hand on the small of your back as he leads you inside.

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JDNegansTrash +1K Challenge

Hello you beautiful bunch! I have been thinking about doing this challenge for a while as I recently exceeded 1K followers (!!??) I just want to say that you guys are absolutely amazing, and I’m so happy & grateful for you all. Whether you guys follow me for my writing, content, fandom choice etc. it doesn’t matter…I love each and every single one of you! xx   

So, the theme of this challenge is *drumroll*……..GREEK MYTHOLOGY. I really fucking love mythology. I wanted to create this challenge to celebrate writers and readers. I have selected a few prompts for you guys to work with. Feel free to do whatever research you like if you’re not too familiar with a character or story line. Keep in mind as long as you keep to the essential concept, theme or characterization of the prompt you can deviate and be as creative as you want with your stories! Whether it’s a fictional series, one shot, poem, artwork etc. I know it’s gonna be good cause there’s a lot of talent on this website! There are absolutely no restrictions with how you want to approach this. If you want to stick to the TWD plot line, recite it like an Ancient Greek myth or make it a sci-fi piece it doesn’t matter! Write whatever you feel like in whatever genre or style that makes you comfortable! :) 

The only guidelines are: 1) Please tag me @jeffreydeanneganstrash in all your work. 2) tag #JDNegansTrash1KChallenge so I can track you guys. 3) You can use any of JDM’s character’s, but you can’t use JDM himself lol 4) You can choose up to two prompts 5) Please send me a message once you made your decision. **Anonymous requests won’t be accepted** 

The deadline will be October 1st, 2017 - **I know that there’s a bunch of these going on right now too, but anyone is welcome to participate, and I’m cool with extensions so if you need one so don’t hesitate to ask! xx


Prompts – 

•  Gods 

- Ares - God of War (2 slots) 

- Eros - God of Sexual Desire (2 slots) 

- Hades - God of the Dead (2 slots) 

- Poseidon - God of the Sea (2 slots) 

- Zelus - God of Rivalry & Jealousy (2 slots) 

•  Goddesses  

-  Aphrodite - Goddess of Love and Beauty (2 slots) 

-  Artemis - Goddess of the Hunt & Virginity (2 slots) 

-  Hera - Queen of the Gods (2 slots)  

-  Hebe - Goddess of Youth (2 slots)  

-  Selene - Goddess of the Moon (2 slots) 

•  Pairs   *You would base your series around the romance of these legendary Greek characters* 

- Echo x Narcissus - (1 slot)

- Eros x Psyche - (1 slot)

- Helen x Paris - (1 slot) 

- Odysseus x Penelope - (1 slot) 

- Perseus x Andromeda - (1 slot) 

•  Nymphs, Heroes, Monsters & Muses 

-  Achillies - Greek Hero of the Trojan War - (1 slot)

-  Calypso - Sea nymph who detained Odysseus - (1 slot)

-  Melpomene - Greek Muse of Tragedy - (1 slot)

-  Medusa - Gorgon Sister - (1 slot)

-  Minotaur - Beast, Part Man/Part Bull - (1 slot) 

The most important thing is that I want you guys to enjoy writing these! I know for a fact that I’ll have a blast reading them :)  xx 


Tagging a few who might be interested, join if you like! 

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Backseat Writing Challenge Masterlist

**NOTE: I know some of you have written stories for this already but I am not getting the tags, and it is not letting me see the ‘backseat writing challenge’ tag right now either  :(((  Please message me with a link to your masterlist or story so I can link it!**

Link to original challenge post

All of you have written AMAZING stories so far, and I couldn’t be happier to celebrate 1,111 followers this way! I’ll tag all the authors and slots and update as needed. Prompt words are listed first.

Fire  |  Author: @jeffreydeanneganstrash  | Link to story

Sunset  |  Author: @ladylorelitany  |  Link to story

Addiction  |  Author: @negan–is–god  |  Link to story

Betray  |  Author: @prettyepiic  |  Link to story (fixed)

Road Trip  |  Author: @i-am-negan-trash  |  Link to story

Forgive  |  Author: @purplemuse89  |  Link to story

Smoke  |  Author: @kazosa  |  Link to story

Fragile  |  Author: @kinkygamertrash  |  Link to story

Appetite  |  Author: @genevievedarcygranger  |  Link coming soon!

Control  |  Author: @mcnegan  |  Link coming soon!

Scream  |  Author: @madsweeneyismyboyfriend  |  Link coming soon!

Danger  |  Author: @badluckgirl  |  Link coming soon!

Amnesia  |  Author: @writteninthestars288  |  Link coming soon!

If you would like to be removed from the challenge, don’t sweat it! Just shoot me a message and I’ll take you off with no hard feelings! We all get busy and crazy with writing, so no worries!


Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

A/N: Sorry this is so late! Negan was hiding from me and had to be forced to come out and play!

The first twenty minutes of the drive are silent. Simon sits behind the wheel up front; you and Negan sit in silence in the back.

You rest a hand on your bump, rubbing gentle circles over your resting child. From the corner of your eye, you see Negan look at you from time to time, but he says nothing.

You break the silence.

“Why are you taking me back?”

He just laughs. “Really, sweetheart? I thought you were smart.”

“Because I’m pregnant? Is that it?”

“You want a list, darlin’?”

You sigh and shake your head. “What if I weren’t pregnant? Would you still be so lenient? Running away without a word; taking food, water, a gun and a knife… I’ve seen you iron people’s faces for far less than I’ve done. Or is that still waiting for me back at the compound?”

It’s Negan’s turn to sigh. “You want a list for why I’ve not bashed your brains in by now? Fine. First and fucking foremost, sweetheart, you’re my wife. When you put on your first little black dress and said ‘I do’, you became mine. And you don’t get to run away without even a goodbye quickie.

“Second, and this is pretty big on the list, is that gorgeous looking bump of yours. You’re having my baby, of course I want you back. Even if you weren’t preggers, I’d still want you back. Which brings us to reason number three: I missed you. Okay? I really fucking missed you, sweetheart,” he says clearly and loudly, as if to make sure you’re listening.

“You mean you missed my vagina,” you snap testily.

“Vagina, ass, titties, mouth…”

You groan in disgust, turning to look out the window next to you. You feel a gloved hand take hold of yours.

“Your smile, your laugh, that cute little giggle thing you do when I tickle your feet, the way you smile when you’re reading… It’s a pretty long list, sweetheart.”

You want to ignore the sincerity in his voice, but you can’t. You close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose.

“So, we go back to the Sanctuary, and all is forgiven?” you ask sceptically. “No ironing of faces, no Lucille…?”

Negan tugs on your hand until you look at him. “Hey. Have I ever raised even a finger against any of you? Except when you asked me to, that is.”

“You don’t have to hurt us to hurt us, Negan,” you say quietly, almost in a whisper, you hand still rubbing circles on your belly.

Negan notices. “Why you bein’ like this, doll?”

You’re confused. “Like what?”

“All quiet and small. You weren’t like this before. I don’t like it.”

“Because back then, it didn’t matter if I said or did anything wrong. It does now,” your hand stops on your stomach.

Negan sighs and rests his head back against the leather headrest. “What are you so afraid of? What’s the worst I could do to you?”

You scoff. “Yeah, I should just tell you my deepest fears and what I’m afraid of the most(!)”

He laughs and turns his body to yours. “You see? That’s why I like you! That’s the woman who made me hard between my legs when I first saw her.” Negan laughs. You don’t, so he stops. “It’s the baby, isn’t it? You think I’d hurt the baby.”

You shake your head. “No. This baby’s yours. You wouldn’t hurt something that’s yours.”

“So, what’s-?”

“There are other ways to use this baby against me that don’t involve hurting it!”

Negan goes quiet for a minute, then leans back in the seat. “You think I’d take the child? Take it away from you, and use it as a fuckin’ bargainin’ chip?!”

“Tell me you wouldn’t!” you dare. “Look me in the eye and swear on that goddamned bat that you will never take this child from me, or hurt it, or use it against me to get what you want.”

“Swear on Lucille?” Negan frowns in confusion. “Why am I-?”

“Because that fucking thing is the only thing in this world you give half a shit about,” you snarl.

“Only thing? The only thing?” he shouts, offended. You shrink in the seat and look out the window, knowing you’ve probably pushed too far.

He takes a deep breath, then sighs heavily. “I’m not gonna use the kid, Y/N.”

You immediately look back at him. He hardly ever used your name.

He looks you in the eye. “I promise you, babygirl; I won’t ever harm that baby, or take it away from you, or use it to get what I want.”

You swallow thickly. “Thank you, Negan.”

“But you’re still my wife. You still belong to me, and you’re not going anywhere again.”

Simons clears his throat from the front of the car. “We’re almost back, sir.”

“You hear that, darlin’? Home, sweet home.”

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6

Quite a long one this time 😁 Not a lot of action, but some background into Reader’s history with Negan. I’ve also changed the timeline a little: instead of you arriving at the Sanctuary a year ago, it’s now 18 months. Just to give you and Negan some more time together, a bit more history, more complicated feelings… Enjoy! 😘😘

Negan leads you through the Sanctuary’s upper corridors, a firm grip on your hand. The corridors are familiar, but not comforting. Some memories flood your mind. You try not to pay too much attention, you were never a nostalgic person. Most of the memories weren’t exactly happy ones, either. Some were, and as you think about it more, you realise that every single happy memory you have of this horrible place, is about the man holding your hand.

Negan. You’d been found by the Saviours about 18 months ago, alone in the woods, after the rest of your group either killed themselves or were killed by Walkers. The last person you’d been with, Pete, had been the leader of your group. He’d been strong and he’d taken care of you all, just like Rick. So, it was a surprise to wake up one morning to see the bullet hole in his temple, with only the words, “You’re strong. I’m sorry. Godspeed,” carved into the tree next to him.

Negan hadn’t been with the Saviours who’d found you, but Simon had been. He’d kept the seedier, less gentlemanly soldiers away from you, even as he had a tight hold on your arm as he pulled you out of the truck. That’s when you’d met Negan.

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Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9

            Quite a long one this time! 😁😁

Someone shakes your leg to wake you.

“Come on, sleepyhead, rise and shine!”

The room is flooded with light and you have to turn your head into your pillow to save your retinas from being burned away.

“What the fuck?” you mumble.

“Let’s go, baby, we got a big day ahead of us!”

“Big day?” You open your eyes and blurrily look around the room. Negan is sitting on the bed in front of you, hair damp from the shower, with only a towel around his waist. Even in your foggy morning state, you feel the tell-tale thrums of arousal.

Negan obviously notices. He grins widely, “Morning, doll.”

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