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Hey 👋🏽 I'm a newbie to NU'EST, what are your recommendations? (I'm proper obsessed with Overcome omg)

Ahhhh omg I’m so happy to see this!! It’s been so long since new fans came in, and I’m basically screaming in delight ^O^

I’ll make a list for their certain types of songs~

I recommend listening to CLIMAX, Storybook, Beautiful Ghost, Big Deal, Beautiful Solo, and Hey LOVE!

These are all of their Korean songs, so if you would like to look through them, here they are~!!^^

Hopefully I helped you get into some songs, and I’m soooo happy you’re wanting to know more!


1. Hello Hello

2. Introduce Me To Your Noona

3. Beautiful Solo

4. Sleep Talking

5. Beautiful Ghost

6. Pretty

7. Good Bye Bye (choreo ver.)

8. Storybook

9. Climax


1. I’m Sorry

2. Happy Birthday

3. Just a Little Bit More

4. Love Without Love


1. Hello

2. Love You More

3. I’m Bad


1. Not Over You

2. Sandy

3. Fine Girl

4. Please Don’t

5. Hey, Love (listen to this one! It is a gift to fans, their love to us)


1. Face

2. Action

3. Judgement

4. Big Deal

Category I can’t think of where to place them:

1. NU, ESTABLISH, STYLE, TEMPO (The intro to their debut album)

Punch You in The Face With Tears Because Aron:

1. Lend Me Your Shoulder

Beat in Angel

This song goes super hard and I love it so much!

Due to some feedback on some of my older lyrics, I tried to make these rhyme a little more this time. Sometimes it works better than others, sometimes I cheated a little but it still sort of works! Anyways, English lyrics for Beat in Angel are under the cut!

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I’d destroy myself to see that smile, the curve of your lips and your dimples..To see your eyes brighten up. That’s what they call love. It’s pain over pleasure; a pain that’s addicting. And in the end our addictions are our own demise.