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GMW, duh💗

Ily Lily <3

Who has the best hair: MAYA I’m sorry I want her hair so bad

Look at it. JUST LOOK OKAY

Most likely to succeed: I want to say all of them but in the end my gut instinct is Farkle so that’s who I’m picking

Best Smile: PLS is this even a question come on 

Riley Matthews is perf

Most likely to plan the most elaborate prank:


Biggest Flirt:

I mean…..

Most likely to kiss a stranger:


Best Dressed:

Riles aka “Look at my little fashionista go” Matthews

Cutest Couple:

doesn’t even deserve an answer we all know okay

Best Laugh: 

isn’t it obvious

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Captive chapter 2

Chapter 2 is up!

For those of you who missed chapter 1 you can find it here


Captive chapter 2

It was over a week later when the prince came to her again. When he arrived at her cell she was sitting in the corner of the room, staring in front of her.
Wherever her mind was it wasn’t here, she seemed miles away from this cell.

He ordered the guard to let him in, when she noticed him she raised her eyes but immediatly looked down again remembering what happened last time.
‘Your highness,’ she muttered softly.

He stepped closer, she could feel his eyes resting on her but was afraid to look up. The air in the room had changed since he walked in, it was tense now and it felt like he brought a cool breeze into the room with him.

He still didn’t say a word, she was beginning to wonder why he was here. She had seen him through the glass walking the halls sometimes, looking into every cell but he never entered any of the others.
Why did he enter hers? What made her so special?

‘Why do you visit me?’ she asked, tired of his silence and desperate to interact with someone, anyone, after days of solitude. She didn’t even care if it would anger him, it would be better than nothing.

It only took him one hand to pick her up from the ground and lift her against the wall, his hand resting firmly around her throat.
Her hands clawed at his long fingers as she tried to stop him from choking her, he lowered her just enough so her feet touched the ground again and he released some pressure, still keeping his hand in place but allowing her to breathe.

‘You do not ask questions,’ his face was close to hers, she could feel him staring and had to fight to keep her eyes away from his.

‘I will ask the questions,’ he continued,’ who are you and where do you come from?’
‘I don’t know,’ she said softly,’ I don’t remember…anything’
‘Well, that’s…convenient,’ he hissed,’ but I don’t believe you’

‘I swear!’ Her voice was drowning in emotion now.
‘How did you get here?’
‘I don’t remember anything before being in this cell,’ she sobbed .
‘Your name?’ he insisted.

She shook her head and he noticed there were tears in her eyes, which he would not let affect him, he tightened his grip on her throat.
‘Please,’ she begged and in her desperation she put her hands on his chest and clung to him while she lifted her eyes and met his gaze.
She expected him to throw her down again but her stare only seemed to catch him by surprise and it made him lose his grip on her,’ tell me why I am here please, what have I done? Do you know who I am, please tell me who I am!’

She was still clinging to him, her nails pushing through the leather and into his chest while her teary eyes pierced into his, begging him for an answer with everything that she had.
He pushed her back on the ground and stepped away from her, leaving her alone in the cell again without saying another word.


As he laid down in his bed that night, Loki did not find sleep, his mind kept going back to the cell and the girl. How her hands clawed at his chest and her eyes would not let go of his, despite her fear.

He had seen peasants beg for their life before, more than once, but he had never felt a desperation as strong as he felt in her in that moment. It was as if she was begging him for a lot more than just her life, the only time he had seen such desperation before was in his own eyes and it was a feeling he never wished to return to.

He tried to shake it off, she was just another prisoner, she was nobody and she would be dead within weeks, maybe sooner if she kept popping up into his head. He would only have to say the word and she would be executed.

He was a prince, he had no need for this, he didn’t have time for any distractions and definately not distractions caused by some stupid woman.


Mia struggled to breathe, there were multiple hands holding her down, there was a bright light that hurt her eyes and then she saw the needle coming closer and closer to her arm. She screamed but no sound escaped her mouth, she fought but to no avail, the needle went into her arm making her let out one last primal scream as she jumped up gasping for air.

It was dark and she was alone, there was no one holding her down, she was still in the cell, it was nothing but a dream…or a memory…

The door of the cell opened and one of the guards came in, giving her an angry look.
‘What’s wrong?’ he asked annoyed.
‘Nothing,’ she said softly.
‘Then stop with the screaming!’ he snapped at her.

She nodded her head and fought back the tears when she noticed his eyes resting on her, more specifically on her legs. She pulled her dress down and covered them up, trying to avoid his eyes.

He stepped closer to her and bowed down, letting his eyes run all over her painfully slowly. He wasn’t a badlooking man though he was a bit older and starting to grow some grey hairs, his face was handsome and he was tall and very muscular.
But Mia shivered at the thought of him touching her and wished he would just turn around and leave her alone.

He brought his face next to hers, breathing his bad breath onto her cheek.
‘You behave for me, alright?’ he said with a small grin,’ you be nice to me and I’ll be nice to you, that’s how it works around here.’

She looked up into his eyes and nodded her head while she quickly looked away again.
She felt her heart pounding in her chest but he just stood up and left the cell, making her let out a silent cry of relief, she was alone again, for now…

ive been laughing at this picture. cause at the start tsukiyama is so smug. like he looks at kaneki all like “mm yes tasty new toy” and then thinks hes gonna move on with his life. little did he know how getting involved with kaneki would fuck him up so bad

look at him now. hes just like. “yeah i fucked up. i fucked up so bad and fell in love with my food FUCK”