The Misunderstood Island of Mindanao,

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Badlit script / Suwat Bisaya (Baybayin Bisaya) - is an Ancient pre-Filipino writing system, it’s member of the Brahmic family and closely related to other writing system in Southeast Asia, Badlit is an Abugida or an alpha-syllabary writing system, like most writing system used in Southeast Asia, where any consonants is pronounced with a vowel and using a diacritical marks to express other vowels. It is written from left to right and requires no spaces between words, space is use only after end of a sentence or punctuation, although in modern writing it usually contains spaces after each word to enhance readability.
A Visayan reading of a Luzon artifact

There is a resurgence of interest on Pre-Hispanic Philippine syllabaries (baybayin or surat).  This interest is very much welcomed.  Anything that is older than Philippines 1521 is something worth exploring and analyzing. read more…


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