all-the-words-necessary  asked:

Hi! So I was reading all your bad lit reviews (which are awesome by the way) and I stumbled on your book recommendation for The Coldest Girl in Coldtown. I just finished reading it and my god, that book was fan-fuckin-tasic! Could you spare some time to give me some more good book recs? Thank you so much!

absolutely! :)

if you’re looking for good, rich books that stay with you even after you’ve finished reading them: 

  • the night circus  - magical realism/vaguely historical. on the romance side of things and possibly the best thing i’ve read so far this year.  
  • phèdre’s trilogy (kushiel’s dart being the first instalment) - this was recced to me by a friend and i am deeply grateful she did because this book was a wild ride from start to finish. kushiel’s dart has everything; rich and innovative worldbuilding, action, plot twists, intrigues, and a dash of very well-written romance. 
  • wild - nonfiction/memoir. i’m pretty sure everyone’s read this already what with the oscars and all that, but just in case. i really enjoyed the movie but i feel it failed to convey the true spirit of the book. it’s a really interesting read for a variety of reasons, kind of bittersweet but also very raw. 

immersive reads that make you think, and feel, and sometimes fuck you up real nice:

  • gone girl - fiction/thriller/mystery. i mean, everyone knows what this is about, but again - just in case. again, the movie was good but lacked that je ne sais quoi that the book had in spades. this is my review of it on goodreads. 
  • house of leaves - fiction/horror/mystery. this book is fifteen years old and still able to tap into our most primal fears and insecurities, making it a very uncomfortable (and at times creepy as hell) read. you either love this book to bits or you hate it with a fiery passion, there’s no in-between. 
  • the book thief - historical fiction (WWII). i’m quite sure everyone’s read this already but i’m sitting here in 35° raking my brain, looking at my kindle and shelves, trying to think of very good books, and this is one of the first i thought of. 
  • american gods - urban fantasy/mythology. now, i don’t particularly like neil gaiman as a person but he’s an exquisite writer. putting down american gods is pretty fucking hard, so i usually recommend it for summer when one generally has more time to spend lazing about with a good book. possibly a margarita. this work has pretty much everything: action, sarcasm, mythology. manu bennett as shadow
  • world war z - sci-fi/horror/post-apocalyptic. do yourself a favour and read this instead of watching the movie.

summer reads (not necessarily light or short and easy, but perfect to put you in a good summer mood): 

  • fangirl - contemporary. i keep reccing books everyone’s read already lmfao. at least this time i don’t have to explain what a fangirl is, which is always a plus. also by rainbow rowell i recommend attachments (i have a weird relationship with this book but it was also rowell’s first novel and no one’s perfect). both are funny and sweet, on the romance side of things.
  • all creatures great and small series (all creatures great and small being the first instalment) - non fiction/animals everywhere. james herriot was a british veterinary who, after uni, moved to a picturesque yorkshire town to work in a rural practice. hilarity ensues. these books literally taste like summer. they’re light, sometimes nostalgic, undeniably entertaining.
  • pride and prejudice; jane eyre - classics. jane eyre is the best thing to read during summer and i will fight you on this.  


  • vampire academy series (vampire academy being the first instalment) - literally what it says on the tin. at first i was kind of disappointed in the series but by book three i was completely hooked. i’m very fond of the characters and worldbuilding, and it’s a series that stayed with me.
  • the lunar chronicles (cinder being the first instalment) - sci-fi/dystopian/fairy tales remix. i have a very complicated relationship with this series but by now i’ve read every book in it (the last instalment comes out in… december? who knows) and it’s basically like reading a sci-fi episode of once upon a time with less manpain and marginally less drama. really entertaining (i just checked goodreads and i didn’t write a review for scarlet since i read it for dewey’s 24 hour readathon but i did jot something down for cress and fairest. mild spoilers ahoy).
  • this year i’m not in a ya mood so i’ve mostly left the genre be. for ya recs try some booktubers (the ones i like best are peruseproject and padfootandprongs07, which actually have opinions that go past “oh my god i loved it”)

hope this helps!