Man, I sure love a guy with a six-shooter.

Hope he’s got a fake arm.

Probably used to be on very good terms with someone that’s practically a super terrorist.

Gets drunk at random bars in the desert.

Tries doing the right thing and takes the fall for it going wrong anyways.

Has a bounty of $60~~~~something.


Plus Size + Cold Weather Friendly

HERE’s the link to the Polyvore set this was created in, which will give you all the links to the items shown above. 

Hope you like this, tried to make it so the outfits look nice with layering. Thanks, feel free to ask again!


I’m well acquainted with v i l l a i n s that live in my bed
They beg me to write them so they’ll never die when I’m d e a d

Do you imagine at night someone
going to bed the very moment
you are going to bed? Turning
out the light?
And isn’t it so quiet you swear
the heart is telepathic.
Isn’t it–
—  Beckian Fritz Goldberg, from “Eros in His Striped Shirt,” In the Badlands of Desire (Cleveland State University Poetry Center, 1993)