gaga inspirations

so here are some of gaga’s facebook posts… about her inspirations of each song and the meaning behind.

’I started writing BORN THIS WAY in Manchester + Liverpool. I knew it had to be the first single. It still gets me every time.’

GOVERNMENT HOOKER was inspired by Marilyn Monroe + political mistresses. I wonder what they were privy to + what they affected.’

AMERICANO is what the American dream means to me. #LipstickRevolution’

‘I wrote MARRY THE NIGHT about having a good time in NY with my friends, and how I would never be a Hollywood girl.’

’I wrote HAIR about how my parents used to get pissed at my outfits and my hair when I was a kid.’

'I went to a dirty party in Berlin, and wrote SHEIßE the next day. It’s about wanting to be bad without permission. Shit.’

BLOODY MARY is about living halfway between reality and fantasy.’

BLACK JESUS was Justin Timberlake’s favorite. Its about how putting on a new spirit is as easy as putting on fashion. Amen.’

BAD KIDS is inspired by stories many monsters shared with me on the road. I wanted a song to tribute their stories. ImABadKidToo’

'FASHION OF HIS LOVE is about Alexander McQueen.’

HIGHWAY UNICORN is about me. Flying down the road, with nothing but a dream.’

'Wrote YOÜ and I in 10 minutes on the piano I learned on in NY. A boy dared me to write a hit. Brian May played guitar on it!’

THE QUEEN is about bravery. Being unafraid to be great.’

'I began writing ELECTRIC CHAPEL in Australia. I finished it in Europe on my tourbus. Its about needing to feel safe to find love.’

'HEAVY METAL LOVER is about “tonight bring all your friends, because a group does it better.”’

'On my birthday I drank a whole bottle of wine and danced to THE EDGE OF GLORY by myself. It was the best bday ever.’