My biggest problem with The Badlands is that I keep rooting for The Widow more than anyone else on the show. But she isn’t the main character. She isn’t one of those who we are always supposed to root for and care about. The Widow is not evil like other barons but she is left intentionally ambiguous. She is painted with lighter colours but she is not the hero of the show so we need a reason for the real heroes to be justified in going against her. We saw more of her point of view this season but the real protagonists are Sunny, M.K and Tilda. And when they want something The Widow becomes obstacle.

So she is the extremist with a noble goals but the means she uses to justify them are more and more suspect. I was as angry to about the way she  sold out Vail. And about what she did to Tild and Badjie (even though they did betray her). But the thing in this world everyone goes around killing people if it suits they needs. Minerva is bad because she goes against our protagonists not because her means are different that then theirs. It’s just that they are using a different justifications. Their quest are personal. Saving lovers, children, friends. They fight against the world so they don’t have to fight no more. Their body counts are staggering but we forgive them because they only kill the nameless and the evil. The Widow goes against those ones too but she also goes against the heroes.

It’s all nice but what about all the other people? What about all those who are not preternaturally good fighters and can’t just fight their way out? What about the their happiness and better life. In the world only those who are the best killers matter Widow is the only one who cares for all the others. So as much as I love Sunny and M.K. and Tilda and even Badjie I can’t stop thinking how selfish it makes them all seem even while I root for them. I just can’t root for the weird moral superiority they feel towards her.

I just hope they won’t turn her into ultimate evil next season. They kept her going through the shows moral horizon - she didn’t kill Tilda (one of those who really matter)  - so she stays in that grey area even while they keep calling her unredeemable.

Also I’m very upset about Vail’s death (Sunny should’ve known better - after last season and multiple almost in this very fight - always double check) so the show and I are not really on seeing eye to eye right now.