in theory i’m over you.  i miss you, you were a big part of my life. i lost a best friend. sometimes sucks that i can’t even talk to you as a friend. we’ve grown apart and we don’t talk no more but i wish you well. 

dnt text ur ex (ju1ced wat is valentines mix)

justin bieber - wut do ü mean (4b & jon santana remix)
kehlani - tore up (two fresh remix)
usher - u got it bad
jack ü ft. justin bieber - where are ü now (rusty hook flip)
blackbear - girls like u (tarro remix)
calvin harris - sweet nothing (diplomacy & grand theft remix)
blackbear - idfc (random acts rarely exist & kuga remix)
above and beyond - sun & moon (synymata flip)
seven lions ft. elle goulding- don’t leave (slander heaven trap edit)
the chainsmokers - don’t let me down (illenium remix)
X - 21 savage & metro boomin ft. future

a little simpy, but enjoy. like, repost, reblog if ya feelin it<3

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Full warned, this is very long...

Oh no…Jack please…

He’s sitting on the big mushroom…

Jack tried mushrooms confirmed. (Also Vaughn is touching a lot of things apparently as I scan them)

Why thank you Jack for another robot child to add to the robot family. He’s adorable.

Jack gives Sasha an 8/10 and would prefer it if you wouldn’t stick your peen in her.

He’s hanging out behind Vaughn looking at the plants…

Jack is so done with me.

Now Jack’s waving at me behind Vaughn.

wow 7/10 not bad…

wow, rude much.


Jack likes hats.