L’Andana Hotel & Spa - Badiola, Italy

Situated in the magnificent Maremma countryside, L’Andana is a superb Tuscan residence with 33 elegant rooms and suites, a Michelin-starred trattoria run by the famous Alain Ducasse, and a world-class selection of facilities, including a wine cellar, golf and exclusive spa treatments. As the former hunting lodge of Leopold II, Grand Duke of Tuscany, the hotel exudes history and grandeur, combining its magical setting with exquisite decors and luxury services.


this past month has been real tough for my Badiola side. But I’d like to thank everyone who came today and yesterday. Just taking the time out of your day meant so much to us and I know it meant a lot to uncle bing as well. But as I was saying, staying at the hospital from morning til night when they ask us to leave. waiting patiently for uncle bing to wake up. we’ve all prayed, hoped for miracles, and asked for answers in what to do in this situation. We’ve all gone through so much this month but no matter what we pulled through and we were always there for one another. especially uncle bing. seeing you in the hospital, sleeping, had so many thoughts run through my head. Life is too short and you won’t expect that one day to be your last day here on Earth with the people you love. So my advice, treat everyday as if it was your last day. Make the best out of everything. When you see old friends and relatives, make the best out of the time you guys have together. You never know when’s the last time you’ll possibly see them. I had no clue at ate jenny’s wedding. who knew that would be the last time I shared laughs and jokes with uncle bing. But Uncle Bing, don’t worry about ate sharene and auntie arlene, we’ll take care of them for you. I know grandpa will be there with you watching over us just like how we’re going to watch over them two. I hope you’re having a great time up there. You’re in peace now, we are too. you don’t have to struggle anymore and we don’t have to worry anymore as well. We love you so much, and we’ll always remember you and the joy you always brought to our family. I’ll see you again someday. I love you and I’ll miss you so much.

- andie < 3

Badiola Igt 2010 - Mazzei

Badio Igt 2010 – Mazzei

Our “entry level” wine, It is the final result of the selection of its two “big brothers”, Castello Fonterutoli and Fonterutoli.

Appellation: Toscana IGT
Winery location: Loc. Fonterutoli – Commune of Castellina in Chianti (SI)
Grape varieties: 70% Sangiovese, 30% Merlot
Alcohol: 13,23% vol.
Total acidity: 5,30‰
Vineyards location: 5 different vineyard sites, altitude: 220 –…

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Typecast: Word Sits Heavy

Typecast: Word Sits Heavy

(Independent, 2014)

Rating: 7/10

My musical taste tends to weigh heavily on first impressions. (Yes, I know I can be quite judgmental.) This is why I never liked Incubus, for instance, because I thought they were a sterile, cleaned-up version of Faith No More (whom I really liked) when I first heard them. It’s a good thing, then, that when I first encountered Typecast over a decade ago, when the then-trio performed at a friend’s 18th birthday bash, I had not listened to a single note of Dashboard Confessional, or even Cursive, for that matter. So neither their music nor singer/guitarist Steve Badiola’s voice really reminded me of anyone else’s at the time; if anything, Badiola’s hybrid arpeggio/chordal guitar style and the band’s three-piece dynamics reminded me of early Jawbox and that band’s singer/guitarist J. Robbins’ later outfit, Burning Airlines. To this day I wonder if my first impression of Typecast would have changed if I was more well-versed in early 2000’s emo, and I do remember finally hearing Chris Carabba’s voice on the radio shortly after that gig and thinking, “Oh, so that’s who he’s ripping off.” Still, it didn’t matter; those kids from Laguna blew me away that evening, and I was hooked. 

I like Typecast. I wouldn’t even file the band under my list of guilty pleasures despite my post-punk and indie rock-leaning taste because I sincerely enjoy their music, which, despite the addition of a second guitarist and the occasional sonic embellishments (the band’s last record, 2011’s How Your Influence Betrays You, had some electronic beats mixed in), has always remained the same, at least stylistically. Typecast’s new record, the four-song Word Sits Heavy EP, is a diet-portioned serving compared to any of the band’s three previous full-length releases, but fans are bound to find it satisfying nonetheless. Chi Resurreccion’s distorted bass and ex-drummer Melvin Macatiag’s relentless drumming on opening track “Gasoline” recall Thursday’s more furious material (“Dead Songs” easily comes to mind), while in utter contrast, Badiola lets the tender melodies out on “Ceiling,” his vocals effectively bolstered by guitarist Pakoy Fletchero’s tastefully picked single-note lines. “For Your Sake” has all the elements of some of Typecast’s previous radio staples like “This Kind of Silence,” “Another Minute Until Ten,” and “The Boston Drama”: a great guitar hook, driving pop-punk dynamics, and big choruses. Finally, title track “Word Sits Heavy” closes the EP with a steady bass pulse, more ingenious guitar work, and as always, a lot of drama. 

Historically, Typecast isn’t the country’s first emo/post-hardcore outfit (many cite On a Day Like Today, fronted by Mark Redito a.k.a. Spazzkid, as bearers of that title), but they’re arguably the most influential, which is no small feat considering that they dabble in a genre that has purely American origins, and has somewhat been ridiculed as of late for its recurring, if not tiresome sonic formula. However, fifteen years into the band’s existence, the members of Typecast have stuck to their guns and their chosen sound, coming up with good records and consistently tight live sets. While it’s not exactly genre-bending or mind-blowing, Word Sits Heavy is a worthy addition to Typecast’s respectable body of work, and is another prime example of post-hardcore done right. I’ve long since accepted the fact that the band’s music isn’t entirely original-sounding, but it’s done right. Badiola still sings like Chris Carabba, and he can keep doing so for all we care, as long as he keeps penning great anthems for his skilled and tasteful cohorts to arrange and perform.  

Stream the EP on Spotify and purchase it via iTunesAmazon, or at the band’s shows. “Like” Typecast on Facebook and follow the band on Twitter for updates.

Premier(e): Typecast: “Gasoline”

One couldn’t fault Typecast for keeping skinny jeans, side-swept bangs, and trucker hats in vogue for years after their heyday; besides, the Laguna-bred band was one of the first local post-hardcore superstars, if only because they received widespread attention earlier than most. But most significantly, singer/guitarist Steve Badiola, bassist Chi Resurreccion, guitarist Pakoy Fletchero, and (as of late) ex-drummer Melvin Macatiag have always been very, very good at what they did, from songwriting to actual performance. Not that they haven’t tried anything new; the band’s last record, 2011’s How Your Influence Betrays You, was replete with sonic experiments, including a synth-laced instrumental (“Unwilling”) and Fall of Troy ish rhythmic shifts (“The Crows are Hungry”). Still, Typecast’s older material sounds like it hasn’t dated at all, as now-classic songs like “Another Minute until Ten” and “The Boston Drama” remain to be highlights of the band’s live set. 

Three years after their last record, Typecast are back with a brand-new EP, Word Sits Heavy, and first single “Gasoline” brings the band from its usual melodic post-hardcore leanings to more hard rock territory. With its pummeling drums and distorted bass, the opening riff is almost Motley Crüe-ish, and Badiola sing-speaks, offering only the slightest hint of melody, even as he screams his bloody guts out in the chorus. Still, the track is undeniably infectious, and call-and-response lines like “All the words you said / And you wish that you never did” and “The bigger you think you are / The harder I think you’ll fall” guarantee its status as another potential live favorite. It’s a delightfully furious comeback for Typecast, and if “Gasoline” isn’t enough to satisfy your post-hardcore jones, you can listen to the entire EP on Spotify and download it via iTunes.  

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CentroCentro Cibeles acoge una muestra de arte contemporáneo que reúne piezas de la colección de Carlos Rosón


CentroCentro Cibeles acoge la exposición de arte contemporánea ‘Arquitecturas y espacios en la Colección Rac’, una muestra que reúne 51 piezas de 37 artistas nacionales e internacionales que forman parte de la colección que el arquitecto Carlos Rosón ha reunido en las últimas décadas, ha informado el Ayuntamiento en un comunicado.

Entre los artistas que se encuentran en esta exposición destacan Ignasi Aballí, Helena Almeida, Juan Araujo, Txomin Badiola, Isidro Blasco, Nathan Carter e Rochelle Costi, además de Stephen Dean, Roland Fischer, Liam Gillick, Fernanda Gomes, Cynthia Gutiérrez, Aino Kannisto, Candida Höfer, Stephan Kurten, Marlena Kudlicka y Luisa Lambri.

Por este motivo, la organización establecerá para el próximo martes, 30 de junio, una visita de prensa a la exposición que estará expuesta y abierta al público del 1 de julio al 8 de noviembre. En el encuentro estarán presentes (a las 10.30 horas) el coleccionista y la comisaria Pia Ogea para realizar posteriormente una visita guiada con la prensa.