RWBY Characters + Their Voice Actors’ fitting Tweets Pt. 2
(I want you all to know I tried really hard to find a more out-of-context tweet for Sam Ireland, but she’s literally always like this. god bless)


[Part 1] [More of this nonsense]

- Che hai fatto in questi giorni? - io le chiesi.
- T'ho aspettato. E tu?
- Nulla. Ho desiderato di tornare.
- Per me? - ella mi domandò, timida e umile.
- Per te.
—  Gabriele D'Annunzio, L'Innocente

I wanted all the RT Ladies in the same post. Look how goddamn beautiful they all are??? I may have cried thinking about the hug Steffie gave me and how sweet they all were when I talked to them.
I also met Samantha Ireland who gave me a huge hug, but rather than a selfie, I got her to do a video for my sister cause she loves CT.
And when Elyse and James were trying to get somewhere, I wanted to meet them, so instead I walked alongside Elyse for a second to tell her how beautiful she is and she touched my arm and said “Thank you so much, I love your hair!”

They’re all so great, and next year I hope I can find Barb and Arryn and Ashley and get a picture with Elyse

this past month has been real tough for my Badiola side. But I’d like to thank everyone who came today and yesterday. Just taking the time out of your day meant so much to us and I know it meant a lot to uncle bing as well. But as I was saying, staying at the hospital from morning til night when they ask us to leave. waiting patiently for uncle bing to wake up. we’ve all prayed, hoped for miracles, and asked for answers in what to do in this situation. We’ve all gone through so much this month but no matter what we pulled through and we were always there for one another. especially uncle bing. seeing you in the hospital, sleeping, had so many thoughts run through my head. Life is too short and you won’t expect that one day to be your last day here on Earth with the people you love. So my advice, treat everyday as if it was your last day. Make the best out of everything. When you see old friends and relatives, make the best out of the time you guys have together. You never know when’s the last time you’ll possibly see them. I had no clue at ate jenny’s wedding. who knew that would be the last time I shared laughs and jokes with uncle bing. But Uncle Bing, don’t worry about ate sharene and auntie arlene, we’ll take care of them for you. I know grandpa will be there with you watching over us just like how we’re going to watch over them two. I hope you’re having a great time up there. You’re in peace now, we are too. you don’t have to struggle anymore and we don’t have to worry anymore as well. We love you so much, and we’ll always remember you and the joy you always brought to our family. I’ll see you again someday. I love you and I’ll miss you so much.

- andie < 3