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Our favorite girl from Laguna Beach was married this past weekend. Here are all the deets on her beautiful wedding dress.

Lauren Conrad: “I was so thrilled to have Mark and James work on my dress. Not only have I been a longtime fan of their designs and aesthetic, they are also the nicest guys. They were so sweet and made the process really enjoyable. I love my dress.”

Mark Badgley and James Mischka:
“We were delighted when Lauren asked if we would design her wedding gown. Lauren embodies a young, modern, and sophisticated style that is the type of women we love too design for. She wanted a simple and classic yet glamorous gown which paired perfectly with the Old Hollywood element we love to put in each of our designs.”

Fashion Trends for Spring/Summer 2012

Cropped Tops:

This is the season to get your abs into shape. Cropped tops are going to be very trendy this season and while they seem to look very casual they can come in evening outfits as well. Remember Gwyneth Paltrow at the 2011 Emmys?

Bra Tops: 

Bra tops are a daring alternative for cropped tops. They reveal more flesh and look more unconventional. So unless you’re ready for your grandmas comments, pair it with a high waisted skirts or trousers and it’ll be perfect.


This season peplums been seen a lot on the runway featured on skirts, dresses and trousers. The are where they at. they look lovely, but there’s a problem with them as well. They add volume to your hips or wherever they’re located. It is all right if you are slim and don’t mind a little extra puff in that part of your body. But if you have wide full hips please avoid the Peplums.


Pleats were trendy last spring and summer, they have somehow stayed for fall and winter and they are still popular during Spring/ Summer 2012 season. But they won’t be as girly any more. Pleats of the Spring/ Summer 2012 are fewer, larger and softer. They come on dresses mostly and give those a womanly look.

Asymmetrical Hemlines:

We all like classic but sometimes it seems too boring and we want something different. Designers have offered a lot of new interesting ideas for us to try during Spring/ Summer 2012 season. And one of them is the asymmetrical hemline. Not only dresses come with an asymmetrical hemline. We see plenty of skirts and even jackets cut in the most amazing way possible.


This trend was the most popular with designers. Hotpants came in a variety of styles and colors. They were denim, leather, perforated, high and low-waisted, wide and very tight-fitting.

Wide Shorts:

During last summer we all wore pleats and shorts. And we will wear both again. But pleats became softer and shorts got wider.

Summer Suits:

Summer suits can’t be worn to the office I know, they look so smart and stylish that ladies will still rock them but it’s not formal enough for office. You’ll see it in a variety of colors and prints. Most designers paired them with shirt and ties but you can experiment with different items in your wardrobe to create the unique look.

Rounded Shoulders:

This trend is as ridiculous as the low-crotch one that we finally kissed goodbye in summer. Rounded shoulders don’t make you look leaner or sexier, they do quite the opposite thing. Still, it is a trend and there will be ladies to wear it.

Cold Shoulders:

I don’t know who invented the cold shoulder but I should say ‘thank you’ to him/her as these shoulders are amazing. They make the entire outfit look relaxed and seductive.

One Shoulder:

We have seen just a few examples of one-shoulder look in Fall/ Winter 2011/ 2012 collections but now it’s trendy again. Designers don’t only drape it they beautify it with pleats, embroidery and crystals.

20s Glamour:

The twenties is back with a lot of deco flapper dresses hitting the runway.

Get Sequined:

Want to be in the center of attention? Go for a chic gloss trend! Dresses, jackets, blouses, trousers, shoes – all articles of clothing in glossy colors are to be great hits in Spring/ Summer 2012 season. Silver, gold, emerald, electric blue and a variety of other colors come glitzy. You just need to decide which tone is yours.

Lace <3

When it comes to lace this season think BIG or go home. I love Lace, it has been always my favorite fabric and thank god it is still very hot. But if in previous seasons it was on every item now it is mostly on dresses, to be precise dresses are totally made of it. Of course, it looks beautiful.

Black & White:

Some say black and white are the most traditional combination of colors for formal clothing. I think it’s bull****, ok it isn’t normally very original in design, but in the new season everything is going to be different. Black-and-white pieces on the runway were playful, stylish and chic. So COCO Chanel <3

Pastel Princesses:

Sugary shades on sweet pastel pieces, you’ll notice it a lot the runway on spring/summer 2012 and it looks great on everyone.

Yellow !

Tangerine tango might be the color of the year but every shade of yellow is the color of the season. You’ll see it in pastel, banana, custard or lemon curd, every collection had a dash of the color.

Bold Bouquets:

Floral-Prints are back again for spring/summer 2012 with more color combinations than ever. Some designers took it to the extreme while other added a few items to their collections to make them more feminine and attractive.

Print Mix:

Just like pleats, print mix trend has come from the previous seasons. And it has also transformed. Now when designers mix prints they think of harmony.

Perforated Fabrics:

While perforated material looks a bit rough it can actually be rather stylish if a designer knows how to put it right into an outfit. During Spring/ Summer 2012 fashion show we have seen a few examples of this technique.

Total White:

In fall/winter 2011 collections designers went for a total black look so it would make sense if the offer the total white look for spring/summer 2012 collections.


This season fashion went wild . we’re to zoological prints like leopard and python the print we love and hate, it’s appealing but it’s been too long with us already. However, some designers still choose it for their collections in a variety of colors and the print itself has become smaller and more delicate.  Other patterns are even trendier. those featuring lizards, cats and birds.

Boudoir Fashion:

Boudoir fashion has had a revival for Spring/ Summer 2012 fashion season. It isn’t as daring as it used to be but is still very sexy and erotic. Sheer slinky fabrics, lace trimming, ruffles and revealing necklines and splits – all these will be really trendy.


Sheerness became trendy long ago when someone decided that revealing too much flesh was great. Now we take it pretty normal and even like it. For Spring/ Summer 2012 designers offer us to wear sheer skirts which can be both floor or knee-length. They also invented this new trend a raincoat dress and I think its for Saudi Ladies cuz you know we never wear raincoats in Jeddah. you can put it on no matter what the weather is.