Bad girls club all stars, Season 2 episode 7: Twerk it out

bgcas goes in this episode lol, why am i living for he main challenge this episode righ now idk where as stand as in whs side im on i was living for camilla but sadly she got eliminated last episode by shady elease( and gave her the ass wppng she deserved lol) i was lowkey living for elease too but i was not here for the way she threw Camilla under the but just to be on team meghan. For some reason i find myself on team pink aka ROCKY. i honestly dont think anything is wrong with her leg lol i think its a stunt for the other girls to think shes weak and save her. im like if her leg is broke how is she winning all the challenges, maybe these girls are just weak….. she has a good shot at winning i honestly think if she stayed last seasson it would be her and flo at the end. so for the challenge they had to do like an obsticle course. the first challenge was the twerk was sooo sad, people were off, some had no ass, no  rythm and NO MOVEMENT. i felt bad for poor valentina. like ima  skinny girl too but i can still shake something!!! lol. rocky won that one. then the next challenge is to see who can stand in a high heel on one foot for the longest. i knew my girl sara had it in the bag loll shes like in those hooker-esque hels constantly. EVERYONE looked stressed adn shaky and she was not phased at all i was like GET IT lol. and omg i was cracking up at the velvet rope hurdle chanllenge. katy perry aka valentina looked like one of those african olympians! i was dying when she was running lol and most of these girl ooked liek they never jumped in thier lives, they were literally dragging the velvet ropes into the finish line lol it was ridicuiulous. another challenge was for them to throw luggage when i was watching that i was like these girls are so weak. and then rocky came to thow and threw it across state. i was ctfu when they added the cgi of her throwing it outerpace lol. it is hilarious when they add the nuutty graphics. and then another nutty challenge of ray j making it rain ( the only opportunity he will have to do this) and im SUREEE these girls have done this before. so i was confused when they werent pros at grabbing the dollars. then it comes down to the end and Rocky ends up winning the whole challenge nd picks who goes up for elimination.
i was here for it because i know she wants the same girls out that i do.
so now its club time and theyre all going / theyre all nervous and anxious about whos going to be put up. then real drama stars in teh club when these guys are making i rain on these hoes and rocky goes on the floor and starts piling all the money up and icking it up, nancy goes off on her saying that no girl is picking up money on my watch lol, im like ok im on the fence about that like ii wont lie i would pick up some superrrr lowkey ll, but not shameless like ocky making snow angels. and am i tripping or did they all pick up te money cus sara had some in her bag to. i think nancy was just mad becuase rocky keeps wining.
i think meghan is sooo lame, you can tell she has no word in the house she actually made a deal with rocky to stay even tho she tried to eliminate her last week. if i was rocy i would put her up asap, i dont think she can be trusted at all. she ends up putting up elease and nancy. elease because she is shady and cant keep her word and nancy because of the night before. Elease ends up going home thank goddess andd its so funny because no one voted for nany so that was MEGA SHADEEEE, i had a feeling she was gonna end up going home too lol i know camilla is happy…