badges on my denim jacket

So I’ve been doing lots of doodling to help me express and explore my mental health. I wear a couple of your badges on my denim jacket to show people I am not ashamed of talking about depression. I’m so proud to be from Bristol when there’s super cool people like you guys. I’ve even done a cute little ghost amongst these doodles ❤

“I’m not into Homestuck anymore” I say as wearing my Prospit moon badge on my denim jacket

“Nah it just ain’t my thing” I continue as 90% of my Skyrim characters are named after my old Fantrolls

“Nope not into Homestuck anymore” as my NSFW folder on my computer is still 75% red!GamKar


i was tagged by @simon-skinner, @kaiyofuriku @timroth666 and @stevenvbuscemi, thanks!! i couldnt choose 6 selfies so here are uh, 10.. yeah

i didnt look Too Ugly this year which is cool also i tag @johnpauljones @mathylan @clubdevo @boybadge @starlight-son @badical @ofwgktadgaf @todd-jaegers @officialalanwilder and @robbeerotten ! and whoever wants to do it i guess (just say i tagged you)