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I can not agree more! It is truly the best squad and who else could lead it if not Izuku himself? 


DragCave’s 11th Birthday!

Dragon Cave is turning 11 years old, and to celebrate, we’ve got some new features and new dragons Maybe we’re being boastful, but we think you’ll really like what’s coming.

Keep your hundreds (or thousands) of dragons in order by organizing them with groups. Each dragon can be added to many groups, and you can quickly create groups from a single lineage or all dragons of a certain breed.
Coming soon Custom sort for each group, and highlight the groups you want others to see at the top of your scroll.

Updated Dragons Page
A redesigned header at provides useful stats and access to a new badge case.
Want to breed man dragons at once? The “Available for breeding” filter now links directly to the breed action. The other filters have been updated as well, providing faster access to BSAs, hiding, or naming dragons.
Coming soon Badge case and scroll stats for others to see on your scroll.

Monthly Raffles
The highly-coveted Prize Dragons make a permanent return in the form of monthly drawings. Each month, entrants may win one of these rare dragons.
Dragons raised in the past several weeks are already counted towards the May raffle.
Coming soon Different ways to enter each month, such as grabbing abandoned eggs, freezing hatchlings, or raising a specific breed.

Vampire Progeny
Keep better track of your Vampire Dragons’ impact on th world by exploring their “offspring.”
Coming soon The same new design for normal progeny pages.

New BSA: Ward
Protect your eggs against sickness for up to six hours at a time. Available for use by White Dragons.

New Trophy Level: Platinum
Have a lot of dragons? You’re in luck! A new level of trophy (granted, at 1,000 total dragons) unlocks an eighth egg slot, along with all the other usual benefits.

Six New Dragons
This year, we’ve got a wide range of powerful dragons for you to add to your mighty collection.

Each of these new things was designed to solve some problem that you, the people of Dragon Cave, have experienced. We’re committed to improve these features to make them the best they can be, so help shape what comes next in the Suggestions/Requests section of the forums.

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Nintendo Badge Arcade coming soon to Nintendo 3DS

[ Network coming soon ]               [ Badge ]               [ Application ]          

Ahhhh Magical anime it’ll either make you smile, laugh or mess you up. Magical Cuties is a network where you can make new friends, cry over magical anime, talk about anything really and just hang out :3


  • MBF: Omgkawaiibaka or sllyblue ( If both your most likely to be picked)
  • Reblogs only
  • Fill out the application
  • Anime, monochome/manga, fashion and kawaii blogs are most likely to be accepted ( Nikki’s BOTM winners just ask Nikki if you want to be in this network :3 )
  • Fight any evil that comes your way


  • New Friends
  • Chat group ( Nikki is going to try hard this time to make it work!)
  • Find new magical anime and magical friends
  •  A new friend named Nikki O u O 
  • Group promo? ( Not sure yet )


  • 24 spots open! :D ( or more idk )
  • If your not sure if the character you want is magical just ask Nikki :3 


*please don´t delete the text*

Hello i decided to make a network where you can find blog that fit you easier. Hope it help you!

-reblog this post

-contact me on this blog and tell me what is your blogstyle, so that you could be added to one of the categories;

-once you’re added to the network, put network´s badge (coming soon) your blog to show that you’re a member of the spotlight.

Reblog it many times so poeple can see it! xx

( Network )                    ( Application )                    ( Badge coming soon)

This network is dedicated to all those magical cuties that we love not just those magical girls. ( It doesn’t have to be anime it can be Steven Universe or anything magical : 3 )


  • Mbf: Chiibunni ( or usagiibun, sllyblue ) I WILL CHECK!
  • Reblogs only! Likes for reference only
  • Fill out the application
  • Nsfw blogs can join! Just please have it tagged!


  • New Friends
  • Safe place for all<3
  • Chat group or skype chat I will take a poll to see which is better :3
  • Find new favorite magical show you have never heard of
  • Group promo? ( Not sure yet )


  • Ask for advice, post your positive confession, a positive quote,  talk about your favorite blogger or talk to us about your day on amaidango 
  • 20 spots are open depending on how much notes these get I will make more! 
New Toei Animation Webshop Tri merchandise!

Toei Animation announced that a new set of acrylic keychains and an exclusive-to-the-webshop badge & set are coming out soon!

Digimon Adventure Tri. Digibit Collection - Acrylic Key Holder

Set of 9 - sold individually
Price: 648 yen each
To be released late June 2016

Digimon Adventure Tri. Can Badge

Set of 10 [9 + Toei Animation exclusive badge] - sold as a set
Price: 4,320 yen
To be released late June 2016