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Did someone say Marshal Maze?

Seen that post going around, joking about putting a Marshal in boxes at the end of a maze? Well, it’s not a joke anymore, it’s a reality. Starting this Friday, June 19th, the maze town of Lost will be opened to teams of three who want to get a bunch of prizes and maybe a new villager! All for free!

More info under the cut! (It’s a long post)

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( Network )                    ( Application )                    ( Badge coming soon)

This network is dedicated to all those magical cuties that we love not just those magical girls. ( It doesn’t have to be anime it can be Steven Universe or anything magical : 3 )


  • Mbf: Chiibunni ( or usagiibun, sllyblue ) I WILL CHECK!
  • Reblogs only! Likes for reference only
  • Fill out the application
  • Nsfw blogs can join! Just please have it tagged!


  • New Friends
  • Safe place for all<3
  • Chat group or skype chat I will take a poll to see which is better :3
  • Find new favorite magical show you have never heard of
  • Group promo? ( Not sure yet )


  • Ask for advice, post your positive confession, a positive quote,  talk about your favorite blogger or talk to us about your day on amaidango 
  • 20 spots are open depending on how much notes these get I will make more! 
New Toei Animation Webshop Tri merchandise!

Toei Animation announced that a new set of acrylic keychains and an exclusive-to-the-webshop badge & set are coming out soon!

Digimon Adventure Tri. Digibit Collection - Acrylic Key Holder

Set of 9 - sold individually
Price: 648 yen each
To be released late June 2016

Digimon Adventure Tri. Can Badge

Set of 10 [9 + Toei Animation exclusive badge] - sold as a set
Price: 4,320 yen
To be released late June 2016


Nintendo Badge Arcade coming soon to Nintendo 3DS