mistress-wolves  asked:

So what else do you do in your time?

Well I love to shop but more importantly with friends. Usually when I go out with a friend we have a little fun, I would only be picking out things for whoever I was with and they would pick out things for me. Of course we respected each other’s budgets but in the end of our shopping spree we had gifted each other quite a bit.

In this instance it was with Mimie, a lovely darling. She has excellent taste, and I think I too had picked out for her some wonderful bits. Now I haven’t heard from her for a long while, but I still think fondly of her like many of my friends.

Now I do other things then just shopping, teaching, being fabulous and sometimes dealing out punishment as a mistress. But those are things that make me happy…

Oh and did I mention I love to dance?

askshadetrixieandfamily  asked:

So how'd you get so beautiful?

Nature did an excellent job, but what I didn’t gain through just sheer luck of genetics I worked for it.

I didn’t just gain my figure just overnight. I disciplined myself to a diet, core exercises and I dabble a bit in yoga too.

But beauty is really in the eye of the beholder dear. I’ve seen so many others with different body shapes who where in my mind beautiful. What I find most beautiful in others is more then just them having a pretty face or a flattering figure but how they carry themselves. If someone carries themselves with confidence for me that person becomes more attractive.