badger x hamster


Listening to this exchange between the two of them from their BBC Radio 1 DJing gig from Christmas Eve all over again is so, so amazing. I love them. They should just do everything together, ever. 

Can you imagine what it must be like to be Matt Smith?

“Well I won’t do anything to my hair today and most likely it’ll look like I’m a Greek god and oo! What’s this? Some awesome sweaters? And–mother of god–a scarf! Hot damn! What about this hat? Gotta wear the hat. Oops I dropped the hat now I’m going to pick up the hat but oops I’ve now bumped into a lady hi lady what’s that? You want to have sex with me? Well you only met me five minutes ago but maybe another time ok bye lovely to meet you! OO! Work! Now I get to act and be sad and stuff. What’s that Karen? They won’t allow me to have coffee ‘cause they’re afraid I’ll spill it again? Oh well I’ll just play with Charlie the badger again…oh Charlie you so funny. Oooh now I suppose I’ll act like a drunk giraffe again! Hooray! Oh time to go home? Ok I’ll just wear some silk pajamas to bed I think. K bye everyone!”

P.S. Why am I so damn attractive?“