badger of honor

shoe place person again.

a woman came into the store, wanting to exchange her gift for another color, which would be black. typically, the black shoes are often full-priced where the other, colorful ones are marked down. she got the brown shoes that were originally full-priced, but went on sale weeks later. based on the conversation i had with her, it was bought awhile ago when it was still full-priced.

she didn’t have any receipt; not even a gift receipt… so i was unable to give back the supposed amount that her family member bought it at.

since she had no proof of the purchase, i would’ve had to give back 45.99 as store credit, which was the lowest price value for those shoes.
the black ones that she wanted to exchange them for was full-priced at 95 dollars. ofc, she did not like that.
she wanted me to honor the price for her because she didn’t want to pay the difference, but the thing is… it’s on select styles AND color. some styles are on sale, but you still have to double check the prices for each color because only a selected few are actually part of the sale.

not my rules. corporate rules.

while she didn’t really yell at me and didn’t try to badger me any longer to honor the price… she did act passive aggressive. since the difference turned her off, she decided to go home and look for the receipt– or ask her family member for it. as she was leaving, she acted so hostile before I was able to even give an answer

“If it’s over 90 days, I can get store credit, right? because it’ll be unfair if not. It’s new, it hasn’t been worn”

I didn’t even say anything yet. If we were unable to, then I honestly wouldn’t have given a fuck because again.. it’s not my rules, and you were fucking rude. Since we do give store credit if it’s over the return period.. then yeah she’ll get the full amount back only as store credit. Told her that, she seemed semi satisfied, but still kinda hostile.

im laughing the fourth crusade ended up being the venetians just saying “ok there’s no way yall are gonna pay us back for all the ships we gave you” and taking the whole crusading fleet to go attack constantinople and then pope innocent got pissed and excommunicated literally everyone but then the venetians were like “but look at all this expensive stuff we got here u guys in rome can have it” and they got communicated again

so like. small feli just “these stinkers are never going to pay me back” and fucking attacks the byzantine empire and then vatican city “YOU” and feli is like “but i brought you presents”

Are the people who keep invading the Reylo corner of the fandom to remind us all what TERRIBLE FEMINISTS we are really so dense, they have no concept whatsoever of what dark!shipping is? That Foe Yaying is practically as old as literature itself, and it’s entirely possible to frame it as the twisted, effed-up dynamic that it truly is? That not all dark!shippers choose to objectify female characters as Love Martyrs?

Or, do they just get off so much on policing the Star Wars fandom of all places with their hive-minded Call-Out Culture bullshit, they’ve lost all ability to exercise independent thought?