badger feces

anonymous asked:

why badger feces?

oh wow. it’s been a while since anyone’s asked me about this.

badger feces is my tag for @ethanhwke. similarly, his tag for me is “dd called me badger feces.”

i don’t remember exactly how it went, but a few years ago, i reblogged an ask meme and he left me an ask and i filled it out and i was being an ass??? and for one of my answers to one of the questions, i put “badger feces”?????? or he reblogged an asks thing that his followers were supposed to fill out and i filled it out and put badger feces in there somewhere. i don’t know. i’m p sure he found the original post on one of his old blogs at some point, but idk.

tl;dr it’s my tag for ashton and i use it on things i want him to see at some point