badger cubs


More baby badgers!

This feisty little badger cub arrived at the centre recently after being found alone in a garden. Sadly, despite attempts it was not possible to reunite her with her parents.

She was given a full checkup but lucky was uninjured. She was, however, covered in fleas and ticks, so was given a thorough anti-parasite treatment!
She was moved in to join our smallest badger cubs in our orphan shed and will stay with us until she is old enough for release!

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Cleaned Petal out today; she’s so bloody naughty. I was in jandals so she kept biting my toes, undid the shoelaces of anyone wearing shoes, and kept trying to play with me while I was cleaning. I fended her off with soft toys but she thought I was playing back -_- And then the sad, miserable eyes when I put the boards back over the door as I leave.

Baby bunny that came in today. He rehydrated really well so should be ok.

And then our lovely fox cub :3 We don’t usually get foxes in because there’s a separate fox rescue on site, but she came in to us because the finder wasn’t sure if it was a badger cub or a fox cub (srsly what they don’t look anything alike) and then the fox rescue didn’t have an incubator free so we kept her for the afternoon until she stabilized. First 2 photos taken 1 hour after admission. She was so weak when she came in we didn’t think she’d last the hour. Then she was rehydrated, a bit later had some milk and the last picture was taken at the end of the day when she was in my arms :) It’s a big emotional trauma for them being separated from mum and siblings, so they calm down a bit if they can feel another heartbeat. I sat with her cuddled against my chest for about 20 minutes before we took her over to the fox rescue guys. I got to pick her name (Ruby) and they’ll keep us updated with how she goes.


We challenge you to find something cuter this afternoon!
When baby foxes and badgers are very young, it is far better for them to be with each other than become too used to humans. This is common practice and works very well!
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Heere, have some terrible quality pictures of the cubs we have in at the mo

Top two are of Petal; think I posted a photo of her last week, and bottom two are of our new boy that came in on Tuesday. His name is Truffle :3

They’re very dog-like. Petal got to run around for a bit and she’s very ticklish, so kept rolling on her back so I could rub her belly, and would try and bring her back leg up to scratch when I tickled her side. She also chases her tail.

I also gave a demonstration on how to burp them like a baby after they’ve had a milk feed. Now have a chest full of red scratches (tiny claws are sharp) but hey ho.

I’m seeing them again tomorrow so will hopefully get some decent photos or a video then.


More and more badger cubs!

Two new badger cubs have joined our two previous cubs. One was transferred from another centre, while the other was rescued having been found next to his dead mother…

They are learning the behaviours and social skills needed to thrive in a group. They will soon be moved into a larger pen, where they will get used to the outdoor temperature.

First badger cub of 2015

Very small and very cute, this little boy is our first orphaned badger cub of the year. He was found in the middle of a golf course, very weak. Sadly, the people who found him, tapped or kicked him to see if he was moving… After a quick initial examination, it seemed that he wasn’t able to walk. The reason for this is still unknown, but we are giving him some time to rest and put on some weight before further examination. Also, he is quite young to be out of the sett, so maybe something happened to his mother… the local badger group is currently investigating the area where he was found.

Send him your “get well soon” wishes!