badger adventures


I wanted an AU where Dan doesn’t manage to kill his human self after his creation. (Has this been done a thousand times yet?) And human Danny just stays with human Vlad in the cave as they try to come up with ways to save their universe.

I have mental images of Danny and Vlad giving each other haircuts. (Possibly shaving, depending on abundance of mirrors…) That makes me happy. I meant to draw Danny with different hairstyles, but I ended up falling in love with that one and it stuck as his post-apocalyptic cut.

I guess if you were to think of it like all universes simultaneously existing, they would still be in their ruined world after Dan goes back in time and is trapped in the thermos. And would probably be the sole living (non-ghost) survivors. (Plus Valerie?) What a lonely timeline…

I don’t want to live in a world where Danny’s future self doesn’t have his mom’s hips.


i havent seen anything about this on here yet but there’s a new Steven Universe app called Soundtrack Attack !! its free for both iOS and Android!

its a rhythm game where youre a gem thats come to earth to escape the diamond authority! the songs are all fun remixes of songs from the show!

you get three slots (a quartz, pearl, and ruby) and each is its own separate save file. you can customize your player pretty well, and win coins in the game to spend on accessories and different haircuts etc.

im on mobile so i cant link but looking it up in your app store should work! its a little challenging but fun!

Buddy Cop Fantasy Prompts

Highish fantasy with a few, modern and children’s fantasy prompts added in.  Prompts for partnering up and fighting crime.  I tried to leave enough vague that you could mix and match setting a bit.  As always feel free to tweak in your writing forays.

1. The adventures of two skeleton guards making the rounds in the dungeon and making sure the spiders stay out of trouble when adventures roll up on the dungeon.

2. You’re an elven ranger and I’m an orc enforcer, we’re both chasing the same necromancer who wrecked out cities.  We keep running into each other.  I guess we better work together.

3. There’s the super serious, cue epic music, looking dramatically into the magnificent landscape, then there’s the ridiculous slip of ranger who survives of luck, wits, and quips.  I’m the ranger that has to keep them from killing each other.

4. We’re the enormous stone guardians of the magical castle, only when someone wakes us up the magical castle’s gone missing.  Now we’re on an epic journey to find where it’s gone.

5. I’m a goddess of justice, you’re a goddess of truth and together was keep the secret worlds of gods and goddesses from getting into trouble.

6. We’re the guards in a magical town that hosts the thief’s guild with all the baby thieves trying to practice and oh no, who’s stolen the thing.  It can’t be whoever’s feet are showing under the curtain.  What a mystery!  (Really though, the baby thieves, they’re adorable.)

7. Mr. Sparrow and Miss Badger go on an adventure to find out who’s stealing all the strawberries.

8. It’s a trick to be wizard cops because wizards.  My partner and I are trying to track a wizard who may or may not be a goat and also stealing amulets.

9. The portal to the dark world has opened, spewing forth monsters and you’re the thief and I’m the butler that’s become what’s left of the city guard to turn them back.  Will you stop reading city guard regulations at me!  I’m not arresting anyone during teatime, that’s just savagery!

10. I’m trying to teach my new goblin partner good cop/bad cop, but he keeps offering to let the suspect eat me.  How do I explain that’s not how good cop works with people who aren’t goblins?

11. I appreciate the rangers are trying to be equal opportunity employers, but my new partner is a dragon.  Have you ever tried to do this job with a dragon?

12. We’re part of an interkingdom exchange program.  I’m a fae enforcer for the King, and I’m used to doing my job through tricking someone into stumbling through supposed misfortune into a metaphysical journey in which they learn a life lesson and stop picking on pixies.  You’re a dwarf who worships procedure and processes and repeats the same boring steps over and over with the only goal of doling out punishment. Let’s try to find out who’s selling black market fairy dust without sabotaging each other.

13. Little magic bee cops in a little magic bee hive doing investigative bee dances.

14. I’m like 80% sure my old partner is in fact some sort of evil villain who did some sort of spell thing to change their appearance and replace them.  At first I was just trying to figure out what they were trying to do, but now I think they’re really getting into solving crime and saving babies.



This is the Power Pod 360 Jr. speaker and it is really rad okay

It’s a vibration speaker, meaning it uses vibrations to amplify audio instead of just a regular speaker. It comes with a usb power cable, or it takes two AAA batteries. You plug the headphone jack end into whatever you want, an iPod, laptop, computer, phone, etc. and then stick the speaker pad onto anything. ANYTHING. The pad vibrates and whatever surface you attached it to will too. 

Stick it to a window to fill a room with music, stick it to your desk, your coffee mug, a cardboard box (cardboard amplifies it a LOT), a mint tin, anything! Hollow objects work especially well, however smaller things tend to vibrate too strongly and add an unwanted buzzing to it. But it’s still super cool. 

And the best part is, people who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing should definitely check this out, as the vibrations transfer into surfaces, even when the volume is low. The beat and melody of the song is still identifiable in the vibrations, making it really helpful for enjoying music. Try sticking it to your hand or chest too!

This is just the ‘junior’ version of the other speaker, and just the one that I have. It’s really cool, and about $20 on Amazon. It works really well and is really fun to just play with! Check it out!

Gosh it disturbs me to see you, Adolin
Looking so down in the dumps
Every guy here’d love to be you, Adolin
Even with Dalinar’s flumps
There’s no man in town as admired as you
Though, you’re everyone’s least favorite guy
Everyone’s awed and confused by you
And it’s not very hard to see why!

No one’s a prick like Adolin
No one’s quick as Adolin
No one’s shardblade’s as incredibly sick as Adolin’s
For there’s no man in town half as manly!
Perfect, a pure paragon!
You can ask any poor bridgeboy
And they’ll tell you whose team they prefer to be on!