We’re on cup number 3 of our Coffee & Contemplation pins!
Next round is being produced, and here’s your chance to snag one early!

Thank you to everyone who has supported us and ordered one so far. We’re so excited to be on our THIRD run of this pin. We’ll keep on pourin’ ‘em!


Bailey badge

A traditional badge commission for phr007lup3 (from furaffinity)

Who also is having a new fursuit, which is completely adorable. I worked without a drawing reference but with the pictures of the fursuit.

This is going to be shipped n__n I love when people receive my original art on their hands, that’s very special for me, to know that my creations are in different parts of the world.

Which specie is Bailey?
Bailey is a hybrid Heinz 57of fox, bunny, and otter.


Well hello cutie pies!

I’m selling these handmade patches on Etsy (here!) and I now ship to everywhere in the world!  They’re made to order and I have big ideas for more designs if this takes off :)

I also do custom designs of whatever you want in every colour imaginable, so don’t be afraid to ask if you would like a specific design!

(Please don’t delete the caption)





CWT43 D2 C67

CWT-T16 D1 F03


胸章58mm 一個40元

單面透明壓克力吊飾 一個70元

新刊『請教我如何約會』PAPY/SANS(18+) 130元