Finished those story/headworld thingies! I dunno if I should call them logos, coats of arms, or badges. Let’s go with badges for now.
This isn’t all my stories, but it’s the ones I’m at least going to be doing character refs for this year. Plus Ghost Syndrome and 7S, which I don’t know if I’m gonna do any epic refs for, but they needed them too because they’re some of my more developed worlds.

So! The stories/worlds are, from left to right…
Top row:
- Ghost Syndrome
- Seven Suns
- Cervid
- Godrealm

Bottom row:
- Torpedo and Six’s story (name pending)
- Pyrrhos, Bacchus and Eunike’s world/“Spiritworld”/name pending
- Demon thing. No real name or fully fleshed out setting yet, but my Goetia demons go here since they don’t fit with any other of my fantasy worlds either…
- “Free”. This means I’m not sure about where to put the character in question yet.

I’m quite pleased with these. I rarely do this kind of work, but I’m happy with the end result!

Post FurCoNZ Badges - Kyra, Riley and Uskie

Traditional marker badges - the left OC is Kyra and middle OC is Riley - belonging to  66mustang on FA
and the right OC is Uskie belonging to  dragons0ul on FA

My scanner didn’t do these justice but I’m still happy with how they came out! Especially for my first time using markers.

I’m waiting for my laminator to arrive - and in the mean time, gonna get some coloured backboard and lanyards.
I’ll take a photo of them when they are done up!
Thanks again to  66mustang and  dragons0ul for commissioning me after FurCoNZ! I’m happy to have had an opportunity to do more traditional artwork again ^^

DIY Peace Sign Badge Tutorial from Adventures in Making.

This is a good tutorial for making embroidered felt badges. The embroidery stitches you will learn are the chain, fern, blanket, and lazy daisy stitch.

Other DIY Badges

DIY Easy Felt Merit Badges from Now That’s Pretty here. The badges pictured here are: Lemur Enthusiast, Master of Cogency, Fellow Geek, Origami Master, Perfect Hair, and Lemonade Addict.

DIY Felt Lucky Panties Badges Tutorial and Template from Bugs and Fishes here.

DIY Fabric and Felt Merit Badges Tutorial from Etsy here. Using a small embroidery hoop and embroidery thread you can create customized merit badges.

DIY Absolute Beginner Cat Patch or Brooch Tutorial and Template from How to Sew here.

DIY Felt Anatomical Heart Patch or Pin Tutorial from Mr. Kate here.

Without my tablet on winter holidays…
I made a thing. In vectors. In illustrator. ONLY WITH TOUCHPAD. FUCKING TOUCHPAD…
It’s kind of… badge sample? Dunno xD
Maybe tomorrow i’ll figure out what to do with it.

Morning edit Please don’t use it without permission. When badges will be ready i’ll make a post about that and you’ll be able to buy them :) (Until that i’ll try to make more different samples :D)