The KG Shop will be opening back up Midnight Tuesday June 2nd!  For the month of June I will be offering $10 commissions.  I will also have my best selling patches relisted for $8 a piece.

     gutter-puppy and I had our first son Atlas just last month! This being said we need a working car because my home is deep in the farthest regions of nowhere. Unfortunately the deer did not make it :( but Pup did so that’s all that matter!

  You want patches for your girl gang, chess club, or Pokemon gym?  I can do that!  I can design a patch for you or use your own design.  



Silas U clubs from A to Z. Inspired by the clubs name-dropped in carmillaseries. This started out with me thinking “Hmm, what if I made my own interpretations of the Zeta Omega Mu and Summer Society logos?”, then it turned into a full-blown, week-long project. Hope you like it! :D 

Tagging hotladypants and anamatics in the hopes that they’ll be able to see this! :)