BLFC badge: Panda

Nop, it’s not me!! Even if he’s almost identical than me.

He’s my lost brother Panda (yes, that’s his name). He’s a really awesome guy, a very good friend, and who was also interested on a badge for BLFC.

It is really hard to draw a panda who is almost identical than me… in my style, and that he doesn’t look entirely as me, hehe XP
But I’m good with this, as I said, this dude is amazing and I’ll be happy to see him again in Reno, Nevada.

Traditional badge: color pencils.

Middcat you sassy lil bitch! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!
Look at this beautiful piece of art!! Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!
This is my first badge of her and I am so happy I chose betrix!! :DD
Her art is so cuuuute!! And look at that sparkly lamination!! I’m DYING! -sobs-
It’s so good QwQ

Thank you thank you thank you!!

Art © @be-trixs-art
Middcat © to me
Middler design © @midd-mod


We’re excited to show you the images of May’s Witch Casket!! This month’s theme was “divination” 🙌🏻💫
Witches have long since been known for their psychic and prophetic gifts, and this Witch Casket celebrates those unique gifts! 🔮🌿✨

(We know some international customers may not have received your Casket yet.. but don’t worry, it’ll be with you shortly!) 👌🏻📦🖤
We’ve loved all the pictures you have all posted so far! 😍😘


Well, that’s a thing. If you want to buy these … things.
In Rick and Morty 3D printed glory, now you can…