Saving Commission $$ for fursuit!

I don’t know if I posted this on here yet, but I am going to start saving money from all of my commissions to get a fursuit of Nimbus. Over the summer I will set up a sort of shop of all the things I want to do! Like badges, character drawings, adoption auctions, design commissions and YCH stuff! 

This is all going to be saved towards a suit for this lovable guy here:

Nimbus is a Dutch Angel Dragon 83 

The quote I got from ino89777  would be $3,200! But that was an old ref and Nimbus has been slightly modified, so it could be higher or lower but I am aiming for that! 

Until I get the “shop” sheet set up though, I will still accept commissions for characters and badges! I will also be offering full-body or waist high badges, which are laminated and sent to you! 

So, if you’re interested send me a note! <3

Help me make Nimbus come alive 83 


Flat colored: $10

Shaded: $15

Each additional Character: +$5

Badges: $15