This level of self hate is ridiculous! No females hair should look the way it naturally grows out of her head? Not to mention taking a picture of a person without permission. She probably was working her ass off working today ringing up shitty people like you. And you have the motherfucking audacity to try and dog her because she doesnt have a head full of weave. I bet if you was to straighten her hair it would be 10 times thicker and longer than what you slapped on top of your head. 4c girls keep your heads up and wear your hair how ever the fuck you want too.


Nights seem longer than before,

My dreams turns into nightmares,

I shed my snake skin and trace upon the paths of loneliness,

Free flowing water takes the form of black water, black magic,

Darkness embodies my this very being,

Searching for light I stumble upon the demons of my heart in the hollow woods,

There seems to be no way out of this illusion,

The world is a blank space yet filled with shadowy pasts of hideous men,

Love is hard to elude,

For we are the poison no medicine has cure to,

We have sinned our souls,

Pierced our hearts into thousands of shreds,

And ashened this skin and bone…

-Pratibha Badgal AA