Maybe just who really are a true fan can can explain the sparkle in my eyes, he or she makes her tears go down so easily by your face or bring laughter and smiles. It Seems stupid or crazy to some, but does not matter to me, I like to feel … like to think music can change your life. And the music of Rihanna, changed my life.
Rihanna I wish so much that your life has moments of joy always, that sadness let you stronger, you have touched my heart with his life, his music marked my life in an incredible way. I have important moments and have their music with me in these phases, music in crying time at the moment of laughter, in my choices, the hatred and diversity of love. In my college making me be strong, ignoring those who made fun of me, to love me above any man, I can be beautiful of my manner, everyone is entitled to a second chance, I do not need be afraid to cry, let alone be afraid to smile, to believe that above all i need hear my heart because even if he makes the wrong choices, ” never a failure always a lesson ”, that’s so powerful, you changed my life, you are the symphony that helped me believe in myself, the symphony that helped me to love me and to fight for me … and YOU… it was the symphony to entry on the altar of my marriage and…will be the symphony by all my life.
Rihanna for you I shine like diamond in the sky … thank you for that!!!