After 8 rounds, 2 adopt-a-prompt months, a throwback to the 90s, a drabble challenge, a gift exchange, and a pre-wedding event, Bade Prompts’ writing challenge says thank you and goodbye.

Bade Prompts is, first and foremost, a writing challenge. This is why although the blog will remain open, there will no longer be any challenges or events like Save the Date or the Worldwide Day of Bade.

When the writing challenge was introduced a few days before the premiere of The Worst Couple, it was in the hopes that Beck and Jade’s imminent break up would provide enough angst to fuel a handful of prompt fics.

22 episodes later, there is still no shortage in angst. Only now, Beck and Jade are back together (and are getting married soon), and “a handful of prompt fics” has turned into OVER 170 PROMPT FICS.

That’s a lot of angst! Fortunately, there’s been a lot of fluff to set it off. Tori Fixes Beck and Jade happened after all.

Of course, all that angst and all that fluff didn’t turn into fics by themselves. Neither the 170+ prompt fics nor any of the events would have been possible without the hard work (and often, stroke of genius) of the many people, from all over the world, who have been part of Bade Prompts.

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I promise I love you all and I hardly ever ever unfollow so you should all be on this list!


I only picked fifteen because I’m bad a professing my love for people and I’ve only talked to like two of you so I didn’t want to be too creepy. But there it is.

anonymous asked:

I think it'd be fun to have WWDoB and to give to day a positive feel! I think you should talk to BadePrompts and get a round if fanfiction going. I'd be interested in writing something :)

Awesome! (Cause you know, 6 months is a long time to be broken up. We’ll all have feels all over the place.)

And sure, I’ll talk to Cassandra, wherever the heck she may be. ;) I’m definitely interested in doing a fic too (even though I haven’t done my LAST prompts fic but let’s not talk about that)!

The ask box is now closed

two years ago we:
celebrated the worldwide day of bade, found out victorious was cancelled

one year ago we had:
bade proposal stories, victorious’ second kca win, our final round

now we live in a world where:
bade prompts is closed, beck and jade are married

here have all:
prompt fics, gifs and edits, tags

i am also on:
twitter, tumblr, youtube, vimeo

It’s already December 23 in some parts of the world, so you can now start posting your gifts for the exchange! Remember, all gifts must be posted during the gift-giving period, which is from December 23 to December 30.

Send us a link through here, so we can have a master list prepared. Thank you, and happy holidays to everyone!

yeah, that is me. 

lol i’d just rather not answer on twitter just because it is my personal one and i’d rather my friends not find out this tumblr exist. 

but you’re welcome. thank you for your blog bc it’s one of my favorite bade blogs! :)