Heya everyone! Sorry for the delay for the stream, but I am setting it up now. If you got the time, come on in!


Today we’ll be looking at one of the more interesting characters of The End: Muerte! Expect sprites, doodles, and shenanigans!

Credit for the creation of Muerte all goes to @crowtez. They help loads with sprites and designs, so give them plenty of love!


EDIT 2: Stream complete! Thanks for coming in everyone!

full disclosure

i knew and was casual friends with li/vely/spagh/etti a year+ ago through an LGBT safe space guild which i GM in guild wars 2

they never disclosed that they are a convicted sex offender, even though this guild includes multiple LGBT minors. we found out through the receipts post and kicked them. they literally hid this fact from me (the guildmaster), my officers, and afaik, every single person in the guild

i dont have receipts but you can talk to any of us about it and i may be able to dig up the skype text about kicking them if someone wants proof

i want people to know that not only did they have sex with minors and abuse minors but they made themselves a part of a safe space full of lgbt minors after doing this, and either purposefully hid their past from us or didnt think it was important enough to tell us. either way it’s bad

EDIT 5/11/16: i found proof that they were in the guild, here is a post made by livelyspaghetti-hq and reblogged by the guild tumblr in 2014. here’s the link. im leaving the post up so people can see the date.