Bad Dream

I had a dream that I finally convinced myself to get my hair trimmed.
My aunty recommended some Chinese hairdresser who was apparently the “best”.
Ppppsssssshhhhh [fastforward]
He chopped off my freakin hairrrrrr
He cut the damnnn thing just like that O_O
Yooooooooo I went crazy
I went all karate and beat the life out of him him.
Like I seriously beat him
There was blood and everything bruh
As soon as I woke up I had to check if my hair was still intact. It was …. Whewwww
Lesson to hairdressers out there: Don’t mess with anyone’s hair especially Afros.
It takes time to grow son! You better respect it.
Best believe I’m never ever trimming my hair
This dream was a sign