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Triple Espresso Children - An Introduction

Here are my reference photos for triple espresso kids and a few basic stats for them. I’ll definitely get more into their story and how the ot3 raise them/act as parents in another post. @maidofstars @catchthespade @bolt8826 @celestial-destiny here are my I mean, triple espresso children

Theodore Seisui Hishikura 

  • He is Shuichi and MC’s son, and he’s 20 years old in the top image!
  • His first name is Catholic to honor Shuichi’s faith, and his middle name means “quiet” (sei) and “water” (sui), which suits his personality pretty well. His nickname is Theo!
  • He is the first triple espresso child! 
  • Traits: Quick-witted, charming, soft-spoken, reserved, can be snarky when provoked.
  • Likes: Reading, animals, coffee, monochromatic outfits

Kaede Moriko Aihara

  • Hikaru and MC’s daughter; she’s 18 in this photo!!
  • Her first name means “maple” for her hair color and her middle name means “forrest” and “child”
  • Even though she’s younger, she is very protective of Theo and is usually the one standing up for him!
  • Traits: Competitive, empathetic, protective, intelligent
  • Likes: dark clothes and flannel, animals, writing, loud music
Bad bitch

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Cheryl x reader

Request: Can you do a Cheryl x male reader based on the song Bad Bitch by Bebe Rexha?

Riverdale was full of good girls and while dating a good girl was nice, you needed something more.

Cheryl Blossom on the other hand, she had poison running through her veins and the deadliest of smiles to match.

But Cheryl was not an easy girl to impress.

She knew what she wanted and she wanted you.

Too bad she planned on making you work for it.

For weeks she flaunted herself around you, constantly flirting with you, making sure you were watching her and only her whenever the Vixens performed.

One Friday night you both ended up at a house party after a football game.

You had been standing by yourself off on the sidelines when Cheryl grabbed your hand and lead you to the dance floor.

You danced with Cheryl up against you making every other guy in the room jealous.

You held her hips as she swayed to the music.

Eventually the song ‘Bad Bitch’ came on and this gave Cheryl an idea.

As the song blared through the room she put herself as close to you as she possibly could.

Her lips were just inches from yours and she could tell you were trying your hardest not to lean in and close the distance.

Instead you decided that two could play at that game.

You leaned down placing the lightest of kisses down her neck as you danced and she threw her head back biting her lip.

The song ended and Cheryl had had enough.

She led you upstairs to the first open bedroom and had you pinned up against the door as soon as it was shut.

“You want a bad bitch, baby now you have. Now you’ve got the baddest, show me you can handle this,” she smirked quoting the song that had just been playing downstairs.

“Oh, I can handle it,” you grinned before leaning in to finally kiss her.

reasons you should watch season one of the shannara chronicles

- literally the first thing that happens is an elf princess says ‘why can’t girls do the thing’ and her bff says 'idk, tradition’ and she says 'well this a crap tradition’ and her bff is all 'i got your tiara, go wreck that tradition’

- her motivation is a magical vision of her magical destiny. the boy’s moivation is that his mom dies and he says 'i’m gonna be the best doctor in the world’. the other main girl is catwoman.

- instead of a wrinkly old man as the quasi-immortal wizard, they got beefy manu bennett from tv’s spartacus and arrow

- instead of a delicately featured scandinavian model as the elven king, they got john rhys davies

- there is a black woman as the captain of the elven royal guard, and the two elven princes are competing for her heart, and she doesn’t die

- said elven princes, when their neice breaks tradition, have an argument where grumpy uncle says 'i thought when our brother died we agreed to crush her dreams to keep her safe’ and cool uncle is all 'she’s too rad, sorry’

- the boy has inherited magic but it is purely defensive, he can’t fight, he is not even in the running for The Baddest Badass and the show says this is just as useful and important

- catwoman roofies him and steals all his shit

- there is sex but, breaking with recent tradition, IT IS ALL CONSENSUAL

- one woman is threatened with rape, but immediately rescued by another woman, and they chain the dude up and take him as their prisoner

- it uses the xena / lotr new zealand production infrastructure, aka it doesn’t look like a tv-budget fellowship of the ring, rather it looks like fellowship, it has 2001 epic fantasy movie visuals, but somehow pulls this off on mtv’s budget, tldr it looks amazing

Live-Action Kissed By The Baddest Bidder

I’ve always wanted to do this. Here are my picks for actors to play our boys if there was an American Kissed by the Baddest Bidder movie/television show made. Enjoy!

MC: Saoirse Ronan

  • I think Saoirse has the strong sort of meekness that would reflect this MC perfectly!

Eisuke Ichinomiya: Theo James 

  • Those eyebrows, that body. Ugh, his presence is so commanding and his eyes are so strong. I think he’d rock Eisuke’s character.

Soryu Oh: Daniel Henney 

  • His sharp features and cool attitude are perfect for our Soryu. I think he’d be able to pull off Soryu’s cold front without  a doubt!

Baba Mitsunari: Russell Brand 

  • I know most people don’t find him attractive, but his personality would be eloquent and hilarious as Baba!

Ota Kisaki: Zac Efron

  • Look at that angelic face! Ota is perfection, Zac perfection. Enough said.  

Mamoru Kishi: Robert Pattinson

  • I’m going to get a lot of crap for this one. Think of him in every role he has ever played other than Twilight. He’d be the perfect scruffy, nonchalant chain smoker we love so dearly.
The bidders’ reaction to MC’s death


Considering the fact that she was his only source of emotional, psychological, and moral support, he’d be completely shattered. He’d find reasons to accuse everything and everyone of letting her die. Nevertheless, the person he’d never forgive was himself—his own powerlessness caused her demise. Without her, he wouldn’t be able to function properly anymore. Anything that wasn’t her was just an eyesore to him. Any semblance of goodness in him would forever be gone, along with her memory.

He found all of it ironic, actually. There was someone who once cursed him, long ago, telling him that there would be something he could never have, despite having everything. That person went on to say that he’d be miserable because of that something. One day, he’d lose everything because of that something. Back then, he only laughed, asking if such a thing existed. After all, was there anything he couldn’t possess?

Clearly, he was a fool to challenge fate, even if he didn’t believe in such things.

Why did she have to die, of all people? There were so many people better off dead in this world, and yet someone as good as her, as faultless as her, was now gone. His mind was torn between accepting the cruel reality of her death, and trying to bring her back to him somehow, regardless of what common sense told him. Hell, if he could sell his soul to the devil, he would gladly give up more than just his soul to bring her back.

He would willingly and literally go to hell just for her to come back.


If only she were a little more selfish. Even as she lay dying, she apologized to him for not being strong enough for him, when in reality he was the one who wasn’t strong enough to protect her. He absolutely hated himself for breaking his promise to her, and everything he lived for was gone. For the first time in his life, he had a reason to try and stay alive, despite his job. He’d try to come home every night in one piece for the both of them, for her—but all of that was gone now. There wasn’t any point in trying any longer.            

In his mind, he didn’t just fail her; he failed everything he once believed in. He always thought he had the power to keep her safe from any conceivable threat. He didn’t realize, however, that his misplaced self-assurance would cost him her life. Where was all the confidence he had back then, when he swore to shield her from the dangers of the world? He really was a failure, in all sense of the word.

Nothing could faze him anymore. His moral compass was now gone, so staining his hands with blood wouldn’t be a problem for him at all. If he ever got caught by the cops, or ratted out by one of his subordinates, he wouldn’t care. Whether he rot in jail for life, or get shot in the back by a trusted companion, it didn’t matter to him so long as he wouldn’t have to live in a life without her.

Dying didn’t scare him anymore, not after knowing a pain much worse than death.


For the most part, he’d try to convince himself that everything was for the best. Her death meant freedom from all the pain in the world, and surely, she was happier in heaven, right? On the other hand, seeing the cold, empty side of his bed every night told him a different story. He had to wrap his head around the fact that she wouldn’t be there for him anymore. He’d be eating breakfast, going out, and sleeping all alone, and that killed him inside.

At the very least, he would attempt to act like things were perfectly normal. He didn’t want to burden anyone else with his pain, after all. His jokes were a notch louder, and his antics were wilder than usual, but he wasn’t fooling anybody. Trying to maintain his cheery façade only broke him inside even further. Every time he smiled, he’d lose a bit of himself in the process.  

Nevertheless, he was desperate to keep his mask on. Everyone could see that there was something obviously wrong with him, but no one dared to question Baba about it; he was already broken enough beyond repair. He’d spend so much energy pretending to be normal that nothing would be left—only a void of his former self. In his emptiness, he’d eventually become the mask, his projected stability contrasting his inner oblivion.

His self-imposed masquerade only drove him into nothingness.


Everything was ugly to him now. The moment he knew she’d never open her eyes again, his world lost any trace of beauty it once had. He’d snap just trying to hold a conversation with someone because anyone who wasn’t her looked horribly distorted to him. It was difficult for him to eat anything at all, since food now tasted disgusting to him. Sleeping only gave him nightmares, so he’d force himself to stay awake just to avoid those dreams.

Sometimes, he’d fantasize about her to forget his grief. Every time he came home, she would be welcoming him home with a smile, only to disappear into Ota’s delusions whenever he tried to touch her. He knew he was going insane, but honestly, the only thing that made sense to him at the moment was her fleeting apparition. He probably should’ve seen a specialist by now, but God forbid anyone try to interfere with the only thing he had left of her—his hallucinations.

Eventually, he’d become lucid after seeing her vanish in his arms for the hundredth time. The reality of her death would come back to him in full force, and he’d break down at the loss of his muse. He couldn’t stand the wretchedness his world had become without her. Accepting this unfair truth was something he could never do. Soon enough, he realized there was one way to end his misery.

All he had to do was follow her to where she was, and he would be happy again.


Nothing seemed to register in him when he found out about her passing. Even at her funeral, he only seemed bored, looking at her corpse like it was just another dead body he found at some crime scene. His numbness stunned and angered everyone. They all carelessly thought he couldn’t feel anything, but none of them ever witnessed Mamoru breaking down the morning after. He was eating breakfast like usual when he asked her to pass the salt. No one replied, and that was when it finally kicked in that she was gone.

His already disordered life only got worse from there on. He wouldn’t show up to work at all, only choosing to stay home and immerse himself in memories of her. His lack of motivation spiraled downward, and even basic actions became a chore to him. He’d forget to eat, bathe, sleep, or even get out of bed. The only thing he’d do all day was stare at the ceiling blankly. He hoped by some impossible miracle that she’d suddenly appear to slap some sense into him, and put him out of this pathetic state, like she always did back then.

He could hear people knocking at his apartment door every day. Some were worried about him, some were angry at him, but honestly, Mamoru didn’t give two shits. Trying to put his life back together was too much of a hassle; it hurt too much to pick up the pieces, so he was better off broken. Even waking up every morning was a pain. If he could, he’d gratefully sleep forever, and never wake up again.

After all, the only place he could ever see her was his dreams.

… Man, I didn’t realize it would get this dark. I honestly think that none of them would be able to move on if she died. Nothing positive would come out of her death. Aw man, now I wanna give them all a hug.