baddest season

gah!!! this is too much!!! 😭💚 what the hell is with this? can’t we just do it every night? 🤣 #soexcitedimadie

i realize im posting too many pictures of a newly released story so im just gonna say all credit to voltage inc. you’ll not regret buying this new story, totally worth it 🙌 (though im pretty sure you guys know that already ;D)


Just have to share my excitement for KBTBB Season 3 with you guys :P

Btw, whose your bias?!

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Stare Down Challenge Featuring Eisuke Ichinomiya x Soryu Oh

This CG is from Voltage Inc.’s Kissed By The Baddest Bidder and is of a much younger Eisuke x Soryu. I love this CG a lot because the look in their eyes is so intense :p (some people might already be shipping these two LOL)

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