baddest of the bands

Anita was the baddest bitch who shaped The Rolling Stones into the band they were. Her influence was truly one of a kind & there’s no denying she lived a wonderful and wild life; without ever having a dull moment. I hope she’s with Brian again watching over everyone especially Keith and the kids. Rip you one of a kind soul 🦋✨

The new cover is finally here! This is the biggest and baddest song I’ve ever done. It’s a full-band cover of Bon Iver’s “Perth” from their sophomore album. It’s taken me about 3-4 weeks to get all the musicians together and the tracks edited, but I believe, after many long hours, I have finally found a sound I am pleased with. Enjoy.

Electric Guitars, Drums, Leading and Backing Vocals, Banjo: Kyle Packard
Trumpet, French Horn: Mike Packard
Bass Guitar: Forrest Keefer

Recorded with MXL 990 and 991
Edited, Mixed, and Mastered with Logic Pro X on an Apple MacBook Pro

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