baddest of the bands

Behold this innocent child: 

Can you believe that, contrary to popular belief, Lemmy’s not born with warts and bullet belts around the waist, holding jack and coke?

“Hells Bells” by AC/DC

Top Metal Songs of the 80′s - #71

I’m a rolling thunder, a pouring rain
I’m coming on like a hurricane
My lightning’s flashing across the sky
You’re only young but you’re gonna die

I won’t take no prisoners, won’t spare no lives
Nobody’s putting up a fight
I got my bell, I’m gonna take you to hell
I’m gonna get you, Satan get you

Not only does this song have those great bells at the beginning, but it has one of baddest riffs the band ever created. Also, I think I remember reading that when Steve Vai wanted a bell to sample for something on Passion and Warfare, he used the bells from this song because nothing else he could find had such a deep tone.

The new cover is finally here! This is the biggest and baddest song I’ve ever done. It’s a full-band cover of Bon Iver’s “Perth” from their sophomore album. It’s taken me about 3-4 weeks to get all the musicians together and the tracks edited, but I believe, after many long hours, I have finally found a sound I am pleased with. Enjoy.

Electric Guitars, Drums, Leading and Backing Vocals, Banjo: Kyle Packard
Trumpet, French Horn: Mike Packard
Bass Guitar: Forrest Keefer

Recorded with MXL 990 and 991
Edited, Mixed, and Mastered with Logic Pro X on an Apple MacBook Pro

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