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The Ravens - Loki x Reader(f)

Authors Notes: I’m so pumped for this. I really hope you guys like it!! This is all going to be written from Loki’s POV I think but If that changes I’ll let you know.

Notes/Warnings: boredom, being annoyed, light drinking (I’m writing this as though the reader is of legal age to drink. I do not condone underage drinking, y’all. If you’re underage…pretend I wrote grape juice.) flirting.

Word Count: 1.2K +

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  This was, by far, the stupidest thing he’d ever not agreed to do. Too bad Thor was the face of the band; anything he agreed to, the rest of them had to endure. Although, Loki seemed to be the only not enjoying this, at the moment. Another contest, another group of adoring fans who wouldn’t shut up and another night of watching all the girls practically draping themselves across Thor, Volstagg and Fandral.

 Another publicity stunt was the real reason for such an unpleasant evening. Radio stations across the country had held contests to send a fan from their area to the Odinson’s house for an evening of “food, wine and a good time”. Repulsive.

 “That’s right, Folks. If you call in right now you could win an all expense paid trip out to the Odinson Manor. Home of the baddest, most raging rock band, The Ravens. You’ll get to meet the whole band and dine with them at their very own dinner table. And, ladies, need I remind you that they’re all single?”

 So, here Loki sat at the end of the table, lounging in his elaborately-molded, dark wood chair. He frowned out at the twenty faces that had traveled from all over the country for their chance to win the heart of one of The Ravens. The lights from the candelabras on the table cast eerie shadows across his face, dancing around the dark hair the fell over one of his piercing green eyes.

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The Killers: The Strokes were always above us

The Killers always thought The Strokes were “so much more above” them.

Drummer Ronnie Vannucci Jr. has admitted the group didn’t put themselves in the same class as their rival band, whose guitarist Nick Valensi recently admitted they used to think their songs were much better than Brandon Flowers’ group’s tunes.

Ronnie told NME magazine: “I certainly didn’t, and I don’t think anybody in the band really would even put ourselves in the same boat.

"We always thought those guys were so much more above us. It’s kind of flattering just to hear them talking about our band - even now.

"Especially The Strokes. They’re one of the baddest rock bands out there.”

Nick recently revealed his band used to wonder why everyone was listening to some of The Killers’ tracks, such as their 2004 hit ‘Mr. Brightside’, more than their own tunes.

In an excerpt of book 'Meet Me in the Bathroom: Rebirth and Rock and Roll in New York City 2001-2011’ by journalist Lizzy Goodman, he says: “We had conversations that went along the lines of 'Gosh, I think our songs are better than 'Mr. Brightside’ by the Killers, but how come that’s the one everyone is listening to?’

"They did it a different way. They recorded it in a different way. They promoted it in a different way. We could be that big.”

Frontman Brandon recently admitted he thought The Strokes’ debut album 'Is This It’ was better than The Killers’ first record, 'Hot Fuss’,

When asked if 'Hot Fuss’ was worthy of being named one of the best debut albums in the last 30 years, he replied: “I will say it’s one of them. If you ask me, The Strokes’ debut is better. Guns N’ Roses’s debut is better.

"But I do think we’re up there and I’m proud of it.”

The new cover is finally here! This is the biggest and baddest song I’ve ever done. It’s a full-band cover of Bon Iver’s “Perth” from their sophomore album. It’s taken me about 3-4 weeks to get all the musicians together and the tracks edited, but I believe, after many long hours, I have finally found a sound I am pleased with. Enjoy.

Electric Guitars, Drums, Leading and Backing Vocals, Banjo: Kyle Packard
Trumpet, French Horn: Mike Packard
Bass Guitar: Forrest Keefer

Recorded with MXL 990 and 991
Edited, Mixed, and Mastered with Logic Pro X on an Apple MacBook Pro

Made with SoundCloud