((Mod: The ask originally sent to me was something along the lines of “Hi! Does your mane put out water? BECAUSE MY MANE IS ON FIRE RIGHT NOW!!” and was sent by a robot pony named Bad Connection.

Apparently the blog was just deleted yesterday or so, so I don’t have the ask anymore. =( Sorry dude! Here’s an inclusion anyway. … in hindsight, waterworks probably killed him EVEN MORE SORRY DUDE, THEMS THE BREAKS

Thanks for 100 followers, guys!! =o [108 as of this post] Since I was expecting somewhere around 10 followers total before this blog eventually faded into obscurity, this is seriously blowing me away. You guys are awesome! I have no idea why you’re following my sad, sorry self-parodic pony but oh well i guess i’m doing something right to some people lawl

get out of here everyone this is the loser blog you don’t belong here 6_6

[Original animation here: click me))