Badbutts because it’s cooler than badasses!

Did you ever saw a gang and then you’re like : Danm… I wish I could join them *A* … but then you realize you’re are WAY out of their league. Well that’s what I feel with this guys :| My art may seem meaningless but deep inside those all have a little hidden message ;)

Also… I was gonna do tattoos for Cry but he said if he ever did one it would be full of meaning OR a smily on his pinky. No tattoos then .-.

I gotta agree with him :D I love you Cry <333 you too of course Pewds but ya know… Cry’s special to me ^-^ 

PS: Pewds has an anti-barrel tattoo on his right arm and Cry an spiral ear piercing like mine YEP BAI

Predictions for Ninjago movie

I know, it’s too early to guess. That’s why I’m doing it - I want to see how much I can get right. I’m basing it off all the films I’ve watched targeted at kids and young hearts. Majority sound too trivial to list. I hope Lego looks out of the box and surpasses my expectations.

Also, I do expect I’ll get a lot of things wrong, and some are just plain gambles and guesses, so we’ll share a laugh when the trailers and movie come out.

Characters and Plot

  • The five ninja, Wu and Nya as the important main characters (duh) with all their core traits highlighted
  • More Nya focus for feminism, with a lot of scenes of her being badbutt cool 
  • Lloyd’s master builder status will be addressed
  • A cameo by one or a few Lego Movie characters 
  • OR many Lego Movie characters shown in one scene where Lloyd shows up for his master builder business
  • a romance subplot (likely Jaya)
  • Quirky but evil new villain with an army of robots/zombies/idiot minions/skeletons/whatever non-human species you’d be OK to kill voiced by popular actor
  • Disappointing lack of:
    • P.I.X.A.L.
    • Skylor
    • Every season-exclusive character (tournament characters and Cyrus Borg)
    • Overlord
    • Garmadon (or less attention)
    • Dareth (unless writers love him)
  • A small possibility of Kai having his Lego minifigure hair and scarred face instead of TV show (or a moment’s reference of it)
  • A temporary betrayal by one of the ninja (or a main character). At least a cowardly kind.
  • If you do, do not hope for the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to cameo even in the background due to fans comparing them

(note: official sources say it’ll be part of The Lego Movie universe)

  • Lego movement and stop-motion (like Lego Movie)
  • Very similar style with The Lego Movie
  • A lot of animation action scenes
  • Scenes of the ninja just hanging out being teen bros
  • A healthy amount of laughter


  • The Fold songs featured (at least two!)
  • The Weekend Whip (kinda the Ninjago theme song) played right after movie in credits