You know what I need in my life?

I need HS AU of BadBoy!Dean being a general delinquent, cutting class and mouthing off and getting into more fights than there are students in his class.

I need that with him dating Preppy!Castiel, who is on honour roll and tutors kids and has never been late a day in his life.

I want Castiel to be the only person other than Sam who can stop Dean from breaking a kid’s nose, I want Dean to carry Castiel’s books cause they’re ” much too heavy, angel”

I want Dean rough around the edges and Castiel sweet as honey and for people to think that there’s no way they work as well together as they do

then I want power bottom!castiel (-u-)

anonymous asked:

tell me about innocent!cas and badboy!dean. how they would be dating (totally against cas' dads will) and how cas would have dean wrapped around his finger. he gets presents in kisses by fluttering his eyelashes. or how bossy he is in bed! I bet he would withhold sex for a week just to tease dean and give him blue balls. Btw I LOVE YOUR BLOG

oh boy, you don’t know how much i love this pairing… *rubs hands together*

  • cas started out as a really innocent church boy who was the pastor’s son and he met dean through church and he would see him in the hallways at school sometimes (i know you said nothing about church but i’m adding it in okay)
  • dean would always shoot cas suggestive looks and little smirks just because it makes cas blush and look away all shyly
  • they both have major crushes on each other but cas is shy and dean knows he’s shy so he lets cas take his time
  • cas takes way too long tho so dean finally gives in and asks cas out
  • cas blushes so so furiously as he stutters out a yes
  • dean seems like a really intense person but he makes sure to go slow with cas because he knows that cas is a virgin and he doesn’t have much experience
  • cas and dean hold makeout sessions in the back of the impala
  • they hold hands in the hallway and everyone is sort of surprised that dean is dating the nerd novak kid but dean will break someone’s wrist is they say a single bad thing about cas
  • dean lets cas wear his leather jacket
  • dean and cas start having sex when cas is ready and when they start having sex they do not stop. at all.
  • cas started out really shy but he gets braver and braver about sex and what he wants
  • he likes to ride dean in the back of the impala
  • he came up with the idea to sneak into the church so they can fuck against the altar or in the pews
  • he gives dean amazing blowjobs and sometimes he tugs him into the janitor’s closet at school so that he can suck dean off
  • cas turns out to be the mouthiest bossiest bottom in the world
  • sometimes he’ll say things like “is that all you got?” and “c’mon, dean, i’ve fucked myself harder on my fingers than you’re fucking me right now” or “put your fucking back into it, fuck me like a man”
  • this is esp. why cas loves riding dean bc he can force himself down on dean’s cock as hard as he wants
  • dean tries to give cas what he wants but as their relationship progresses it’s hard to keep up with him
  • dean still looks like the school’s bad guy but cas is an exception bc cas has dean wrapped around his finger
  • cas started off as really innocent when their relationship began but now he’s a total slut for dean’s cock B)
  • he loves seeing dean flustered so he loves to dirty talk him
  • he likes to send dean dirty pictures of himself and he loves to sext dean
  • even though they have a lot of fun having sex and everything their romantic side is also good
  • they love to cuddle and sometimes dean can be bad with feelings and words but cas helps him along
  • they hold hands all the fucking time
  • they are the grossest, sweetest couple in the school

thank you for asking me for these and thank you SO MUCH for the compliment i appreciate it <333

Castiel let his brother lead, well more like half carried, him out to the car. So far Gabriel had been unusually silent, which never was a good sign. But right now Cas just thought it was lovely. He didn’t really feel like talking much for time being, his head were torturing him enough. The car ride was rather short, but somehow he managed to doze off anyway and how his brother managed to get him inside without him noticed it was a real mystery. Because when Cas woke up, he laid in his bed in their small apartment and he had absolutely no memory of getting in there. Gabriel was sitting a few feets away, watching TV, but the volume were so low he probably couldn’t hear a thing. He didn’t want to disturb him, partly because he knew what would come… a talk. Unfortunately a moan escaped his lips when he tried to change his position, so he wouldn’t be able to escape his big brother now.