Fem!Robin/Damian Wayne (Fem!Dick on far left). Damian makes such a beautiful girl. I don’t know if these drawings were made by the same artist or not, but Damian’s face aged accurately, and is true to the actual Damian/comics. In the second pic, this is definitely the best equivalent to how Damian looks in a suit–young yet graceful and elegant, and very serious above nice, fun, sexy, etc. As much as I love Damian, this would be a very dope gender swap if it was canon. The story could remain exactly the same. I definitely do enjoy what Damian is as a boy, a child, and assassin hero though because he counters all the set and stone bs Bruce got away with Dick and Tim. Damian is very smart and advanced and so much further than Bruce and so many other “great” people were at his age, that it’s so cool to see him remain right about everything while still being *softly obnoxious*, over the top while fighting, and very judgmental, because it’s usually as founded as it is bold. Anyway, that would be equally dope to see portrayed through Damianya, but the best part of Damian being a boy is that he’s so much like Bruce but without the angst. Bruce can’t treat him as innocent or use him just for his skills because he is his son before he’s robin, so he is absolutely held accountable as a father and has to take responsibility for that, (which he didn’t take seriously with his adopted children 😒); and the most interesting is that as much as he is the product of his environment and ofc has plenty of his mother’s personality– Damian is the truest reflection of Bruce, but with a different life. I also find all the Robins and Batgirls WAY better than Bruce. And I’m not that confident even Batman could beat Nightwing. So i can’t even say his fighting skills and technique interests me. Anyway, Damianya is tuff asf.