Colleen Being Sick Day 5:  It’s almost gone cries of joy it’s almost goneeeee.  My stomach still feels sour but I think the worst has left me.

Also I got a confirmation email - I’m getting a room to myself next semester on campus in order to accomadate my cpap machine and such I am so happy.

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omg hii. yeah been stuck doing like family bullshit i missmy apartment crey. sup bby.

Oh, I’ve heard!  It all sounds like a mountain full of suck, which is disappointing considering that you should be allowed to relax during this time of year.  But yeah, anyways *hug*  When do you get to venture back home?

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That would be ok because it’s too ridiculous to be properly frightening unless it is like an image from an AU featuring Levia!Dean, which would be fucking terrifying.

Oh so you mean closeups are frightening?

Just watch I’ll draw levia!Dean just for you because frankly that sounds awesome.

Did we ever watch the episode with levia!winchesters?  I think we did.  We did with Amy, but none of us were paying attention.  

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I can’t believe you already have a tag for me, I feel loved (especially since I just changed my URL to badatbrevity today). Also I feel like our sleep schedules are just permanently doomed.

Man, I will always be tagging you so yay!  And I know what you mean.  I’ve been pretty good about sleeping reccently, but tonight I really am basically forcing myself awake because the company is just too good and I haven’t talked with you or anyone else in what feels like a long time.