Stumping Anderson Cooper

Today a group of TGTSNBN members got to go to a taping of Anderson Cooper Live.

During a new segment called “Stump Anderson”, audience members were invited to ask Anderson Cooper questions in an effort to “stump” him.

One of the Badassilisks newest players Julia Gol asked Anderson the question “At Which College was Muggle Quidditch founded”

First the HP fanclub members in the audience had to emphatically respond to Anderson’s belief that Quidditch wasn’t a real sport :)

After that situation was resolved he still didn’t know the answer and guessed Harvard.  And Julia won a Tshirt =)

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Badassilisks on NBC’s 1st Look!
In case (for some obviously ridiculous reason) you didn’t see it on TV this weekend. 

edit: The video was moved, this link has been updated. Muggles…


I grabbed the snitch to end every game in which I played seeker. These pictures are what I could find: 1) my threatening gesture toward the lot of the snitches; 2 & 3) before and after a diving catch; 4) the exhilarating, game-winning (40-30) tumble-snatch; 5) me on my teammates’ shoulders following the overtime grab in an INTENSE game three; 6) Badassilisks charging me after the skirt-tearing, sometimes-no-means-yes capture in our dominant quarterfinal match.

The NY Badassilisks went 5-1, undefeated in regular pool play. We were eliminated in the playoffs by the champion Purdue team.

I’m so proud to be a part of such an incredible group of people and players. They give all of their hearts to the sport and the team, and the love I’ve felt throughout this experience is encompassing and unequaled by any sporting venture I’ve ever taken part in.

As Ralph’s t-shirt says: Badassilisks for life.


To all my friends playing in the World Cup this weekend:

Be careful.

As a quidditch player who is currently recovering from a torn ACL, let me tell you, the entire process sucks. I’ve played competitive soccer my entire life, I played D2 in college for sometime, and I never sustained a serious injury… until I started playing quidditch. A lot of you are like me, we don’t have the background in full-contact sports, so we don’t realize how to hit, how to fall, and the toll it takes on our bodies.

So be careful. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t push it.

Don’t end up like me. I’ve been stuck in this lovely post-op brace for almost a month now. Injuries suck.
No-Fly Zone: Quidditch for Non-Magical Folk

To see more of Quidditch and the 2011 World Cup of Muggle Quidditch, tune into “1st Look” this Saturday after “Saturday Night Live” on NBC.* 

NY Badassilisks should be on TV this weekend! 1st Look presenter Maria Sansone came out for a crash-course training session right before the World Cup. It was pretty fun to film so hopefully it looks awesome on TV. 

*NBC Channel 4 in NY also runs it on Saturday at 7:30pm for anyone who likes sleeping.

Presenting the 2013 NY Badassilisks!

We are thrilled to announce that we have finished selections for our 2013 team roster!

Without further delay here are your 2013 NY Badassilisks:

David Burszan
Chris Cabeza
David Bridgman-Packer
Caitlin Dean
Clay Dockery
Kerri Donnelly
Christine Evans
Maddie Fialla
Julia Gol
Alejandro Gomez-del-Moral
Jennifer Harmon
Eddie Inzauto
Dyanne Irby
Jane Jacoby
Irvin Khaytman
Mahalah King-Slutzky
Jessica Klein
Walter Makarucha
Seth Marcus
Michael Mason
Robby May
Ralph Palmieri
Dave Plisky
Jared Rohrer
Megan Seidel