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Badassilisks on NBC’s 1st Look!
In case (for some obviously ridiculous reason) you didn’t see it on TV this weekend. 

edit: The video was moved, this link has been updated. Muggles…


To all my friends playing in the World Cup this weekend:

Be careful.

As a quidditch player who is currently recovering from a torn ACL, let me tell you, the entire process sucks. I’ve played competitive soccer my entire life, I played D2 in college for sometime, and I never sustained a serious injury… until I started playing quidditch. A lot of you are like me, we don’t have the background in full-contact sports, so we don’t realize how to hit, how to fall, and the toll it takes on our bodies.

So be careful. If something doesn’t feel right, don’t push it.

Don’t end up like me. I’ve been stuck in this lovely post-op brace for almost a month now. Injuries suck.


I grabbed the snitch to end every game in which I played seeker. These pictures are what I could find: 1) my threatening gesture toward the lot of the snitches; 2 & 3) before and after a diving catch; 4) the exhilarating, game-winning (40-30) tumble-snatch; 5) me on my teammates’ shoulders following the overtime grab in an INTENSE game three; 6) Badassilisks charging me after the skirt-tearing, sometimes-no-means-yes capture in our dominant quarterfinal match.

The NY Badassilisks went 5-1, undefeated in regular pool play. We were eliminated in the playoffs by the champion Purdue team.

I’m so proud to be a part of such an incredible group of people and players. They give all of their hearts to the sport and the team, and the love I’ve felt throughout this experience is encompassing and unequaled by any sporting venture I’ve ever taken part in.

As Ralph’s t-shirt says: Badassilisks for life.

The NY Inferi/Zombie Tournament

Was absolutely amazing.

I had a blast, I love the Badassilisks, and it was a lovely day.

Not even getting knocked down in an illegal back+above the shoulders tackle that left me scared I was concussed ruined it.

What a great show. And the team did wonderfully!

We only had 13 players and 3 had to leave early for an Organic Chemistry Lecture (and the EMTs wouldn’t let me play) so the team had to play Hofstra with only 2 subs.

What an amazing day.

But I am so, so tired.

Have I ever mentioned how much I love quidditch?

Gaaaaaah Zombie Quidditch was the best! We only had 13 players because we haven’t had time to train the freshman, and 3 players had to leave early for a mandatory Orgo lecture, but we still got 2nd place! :D

I don’t even mind that we lost in the final; we were beat by the Badassilisks, whom we absolutely adore (even more so now that Davy Pink Gloves has joined their ranks.)

We played really well even with such a small team. In the quarter final against Hofstra, we only had 9 players because of an injury, and we still won. It was so awesome.

Also, I got a lot more playing time than I have in other tournaments, and I feel like I beat really well. ^_^ In our second game against NYU, I beat all three chasers in one play!

We had a scare though; a guy from NYU tackled Cami by wrapping his arm around her neck. It was terrifying, but she’s alright now; she was well enough to play in the final. I hate it when quidditch gets violent. :/

Anyways, overall it was a great tournament.

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NYCC Tom Felton’s Panel- Tom Felton is presented with a New York Badassilisk Quidditch Jersey!  Thats my team!  All my friends are on it as players or cheerleaders and I am the mascot Hugo the baby Badassilisk!  

Hugo approves!